Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) tools with your ecommerce platform can transform user experiences (UX) and increase sales.

Combined with enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration you can see all your customer data in near real time. You’ll gain valuable insights based on demographic data, browsing and purchasing patterns and preferred contact channels. A centralised history of each customer’s interactions with your business will allow you to build detailed profiles.

With deeper insights you can improve customer experiences and increase sales at every touchpoint. Sophisticated customer segments and automated workflows allow you to trigger specific actions in response to browsing and buying behaviour. Customer satisfaction levels will rise and you’ll save time and money as well.

Ecommerce CRM Integration

Customer insights​

Combining the power of your ecommerce platform with insights from your CRM system will help improve your customer’s journey. For example, someone might start to chat with your customer services team via your website but then leave the conversation. Your CRM system can flag the event and your customer will automatically receive an email follow-up message. You can improve conversion rates by tracking the pages customers most frequently leave your ecommerce site without making a purchase.

Specialist CRM integration

As a specialist systems integrator Williams Commerce works across many ecommerce platforms, ERP and CRM systems. We provide our customers with robust and flexible solutions. We work with major ERP and CRM providers including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Adobe, and have our own Interaxxions middleware.


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case studies

CRM Case Study: City Lit

Adult education specialist, City Lit, wanted their replatforming project to deliver exceptional user experience (UX) at every touchpoint. Their solution needed to handle over 30,000 students and 70,000 enrolments annually. Differentiation through outstanding UX was the key to meeting customer needs, gaining a competitive advantage and delivering ambitious growth plans.

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Customer relationship management for your business


As your business grows your site must keep pace without affecting your customers’ experiences. Changing customer expectations and competitor activity mean you need to be ready to scale your ecommerce offer quickly and effectively. If your site can’t meet demand your visitor’s first impression of your business will be affected. Delays in page load times will reduce your page views and decrease customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Some customers will go away and never return.


Your sales team can achieve new levels of performance when they use a customisable analytics dashboard. They can organise and display their most important sales indicators. Enquiries from your ecommerce site, social media, and other channels are stored in one place. Purpose-built workflows standardise the process giving your sales representatives clear prompts at each stage. Reminders for follow-up calls will make sure opportunities aren’t missed and visibility of your sales pipeline is improved.

Inventory Management

Understanding customer buying patterns, preferred payment methods, and spending habits will improve decisions about which products to hold. Sales teams can share forecasts to improve ordering efficiency. You can predict future inventory levels more accurately, based on historical patterns, current order levels, and expected future sales. Your marketing team can create focussed campaigns for slow-moving products.

Customer Service

You can engage with customers using their preferred channels such as email, telephone, SMS or social media. Your team won’t even leave the CRM system and can store all their conversations and other records in one place. You’ll have a complete view for each customer to help anticipate their needs. Team members can see tailored views of customer information, according to their roles, and can share relevant details and reports.


As part of your risk management policy, you will want to plan for regular backups of your ecommerce site. We can advise you on the best approach for your business. We’ll be happy to discuss full off-site server backups or incremental file system backups. The choice of support will depend on your requirements.


Keeping your website’s security updated is time-consuming, which is why we provide it as part of our web hosting service. Our server software is secure and regularly updated to protect your site against recognised security threats.

Williams built an integration layer connecting our various back office systems with our new ecommerce site. The ease of integrations was extremely impressive. We now have a truly flexible solution.
Oliver Cole , Gill Marine Ecommerce Director
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Williams Commerce specialise in ecommerce, ERP and CRM integration. We deliver customised solutions using flat files, XML, application programming interfaces (APIs) and our own middleware, Interaxxions.

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