Things to be aware of…

Phrases like ‘help’, ‘% off’ and ‘reminder’, these phrases can smack a bit of desperation and should be used minimally.

Full caps and exclamation marks are associated with offers that might be too good to be true.

Content marketing headlines don’t always work well, be careful with words like ‘report’.

Including someone’s name doesn’t always have any positive impact on the open rate.

Good Practise…

Use localised content like including a city name.

Subject lines should be no more than 50 characters; the only exception is highly targeted audiences who like more information.

Posing questions can often work better.

Clarity works better than creativity, stick to clear subject lines.

Personal subject lines work better than descriptive ones, in particular using ‘you’.

Subject lines which are straightforward and no-nonsense achieve higher opening rates.

Subject lines should simply describe the email content.

Specific trigger words that can have a real effect on the response rate towards offers e.g. ‘sale’ performs better than ‘save’.

People like good content that interests them, words such as ‘news’, ‘bulletin’ and ‘video’ can often work well.

A great start point of any marketing strategy is to be sure to put your target audience’s needs at the heart of your campaigns. Along with following these simple tips could help contribute towards improving the success of your email campaigns.