Magento Enterprise B2B Functionality

Magento Enterprise, the fastest growing ecommerce platform is widely used for both retail and B2B ecommerce. Whilst many major retailers choose Magento due to it's inbuilt flexibility, power and functionality, it is lesser identified as a platform for the emerging B2B ecommerce market.

Many wholesalers and importers have been slow to adopt ecommerce. A number of B2B ecommerce sites are built on custom developed platforms or based on an adapted retail ecommerce website.

Magento Enterprise has many built in trade ecommerce functions.

Multiple Pricing Tiers / Pricing Per Customer

Products / Pricing only visible on login

Scaleable to many thousand Products / SKUs

ERP Systems Integration through the Magento API

In addition Williams Commerce has selected 3rd party and developed specific modules to enhance the B2B experience. B2B ecommerce customers require the simpler user experience of a repeat customer who is visiting a site many times to buy the same items. Whilst it is important to market and promote products and ranges, there is a fine balance between over design and a streamlined trade ecommerce site.

Williams Commerce have built over 180 ecommerce websites, pioneering many B2B ecommerce sites since 2007. Typically new customer B2B ecommerce sites transact over £1million annually within 18 months of go live.


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