Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2015 Top 10 New Features

The choice of Lotus F1 Team to Winter Olympic organisers; why not accelerate your business growth with Microsoft Dynamics smart planning software available in an impressive suite of options to suit your business needs.

Running a multi-million pound business can sometimes feel like you are skiing down a black run with a blindfold or racing around Silverstone in the pouring rain. While the journey is exhilarating, sometimes there are just too many obstacles ahead to see clearly.

Microsoft Dynamics® AX fuels the Lotus F1 team and the software also enabled the smooth operation of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, so if your business moves faster than a formula one car, you may wish to utilise the wide range of products in the Microsoft Dynamics smart software suite.

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi involved the complicated co-ordination of more than 10 new sports venues, two Olympic villages, an Olympic Park, an international broadcast centre and more than 180 infrastructure improvement projects. But you need not be running a full scale sports structure to benefit from Microsoft Dynamics.

Yet, more than 110,000 small to medium-sized businesses worldwide are choosing the equally effective cousin of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution – Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2015– which is a practical enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system incorporating a customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution aimed at businesses who turn over more up to 100 million.

Williams Commerce is a partner of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2015- an Enterprise Resource solution that can pull all the moving parts of your business together into a co-ordinated effort, ensuring the entire team are all on the same track. If you are a small to medium e-commerce businesses; find out how you can manage your accounting and finances and supply chain. The powerful customer relationship management tool helps to streamline and improve business operations on a day-to-day basis.

Many of Williams Commerce’s clients are already using Microsoft Dynamics® NAV2015 software to achieve fantastic results for their multi-million pound businesses.

Robert Williams, Managing Director of Williams Commerce, said: “Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2015 is a modern ERP suite that allows businesses improved functionality and the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2015.

“Many of our clients can benefit from the improved functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As a partner to the software solution, we are excited to present this innovative solution to our clients. All solutions are updated as part of an annual release strategy to improve the technology. This latest solution has some fantastic features and we are happy to showcase them below.”

Read Williams Commerce’s assessment of the Top 10 features of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2015 and join some of the 110,000 SMB’s that are already using it worldwide:

Williams Commerce’s Top 10 of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

Small to mid-sized operations that have reached information tipping point can simplify their processes using the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV system.

More and more of Williams Commerce’s clients are using Microsoft Dynamics® NAV software to achieve fantastic results within their multi-million pound businesses. The Microsoft Dynamics® NAV system gives you the confidence to manage your back offices as well as front line services through a suite of integrated applications.

More than 110,000 companies worldwide that are utilising the solution to streamline their accounting and finances, supply chain and operations. The powerful customer relationship management tool continually helps to improve business operations on a day-to-day basis.

Small to medium-sized business enterprises can now collect, store, manage and interpret data from all business activities. This constant stream of data from your files, emails and calendar enables you to work anywhere, while staying productive and secure. Workers are embracing the chance to simplify their days – with one password and one user experience to link all your reports, and business management software.

In a nutshell, the software brings everything into one place so that your workforce can share the big picture and get one click access to the details they need. The result – an entire overview of your business. You can store the information on Microsoft cloud or host on your own servers – the choice is yours.

Overall it means businesses can connect their people, processes, and systems – enabling decision-makers to focus on making the informed judgments that keep business moving and growing.

1. Connect people, processes and systems in one place –

Manage your business simply as your calendar, email and business management systems work together – from one secure and trusted source. Business doesn’t stop because you are at home, on the road or working from home. Dynamics NAV together with Office 365 links together desktop, laptop, and tablets in one unified experience that allows access to information instantly in real-time so you can edit, collaborate, update and approve documents on a phone or tablet on the move. Create shared workspaces by attaching documents, notes and images to customer records. With facilities to co-edit documents in real time you can unlock new ways of working in secure collaboration between colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners with all the tools you need.

2. Call at a click –Dynamics NAV is fully unified with Skype for Business (previously Lync) allowing you to call up your clients in real-time, even face to face, all from within your NAV application. Slashing the cost of business travel, it reduces margins this provides a smooth communication with all the personalisation of a traditional meeting. During a client visit; enjoy a personal and interactive session with your customer utilising all of the features above too, recalling handy documents

3. Click to Email and Export– It’s easy to send emails straight from Microsoft Dynamics NAV – just click on the customer details to open up a new email to your customer – and never forget to send an email again. Efficiently export data to Microsoft Excel and send your spreadsheet to your suppliers and this file will sync automatically with your NAV file. Working in Excel at the same time as updating records stored in NAV and providing you with flexibility and faster adoption.

4. Social Media Engagement – Gain powerful social insight by mining social media websites. This then presents the findings in easy to consume charts and graphs allowing you to spot emerging trends in the market. With these insights you can pinpoint ways to grow your business, and also address potential issues before bigger problems arise.

5. Report Scheduling – Forward plan and enhance your analytical capabilities to stay on top of your competitors. Extract essential data and monitor the health of the business is just a sneak preview.

6. Cash Management – Create and manage electronic payments with more control and reliability and fewer errors and increased efficiency. Electronic bank statement files can be converted into data and exported to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

7. Local Insight – Work with teams across the world more effectively as you can have your NAV software adapted to meet important legal requirements – whatever country you are in. Important information is now at your fingerprints such as specific tax or financial reporting requirements – perfect for keeping track of foreign fiscal requirements and those with more than one tax rate. Use Bing Map Integration to look up your suppliers, customers and partners addresses on a map to inform your travel plans too.

8. Define roles and responsibilities – Identify and prioritise actions for your job specification; planning resources effectively. NAV can be configured to summarise each of your employee’s roles and create personalised home pages where employees view tailored business data and key performance indicators relevant to their roles.

9. Streamlined operations – Login once for all applications. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 brings together your emails, calendar and files to seamlessly with your data, reports and business process to enable an integrated experience with Office 365 & SharePoint. This helps you to see all documents you’re working on and seamlessly jump straight into editing them with Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint/ OneNote online.

10. Unite both worlds – SharePoint provides real time access to the latest business information, ensuring you are as up-to-date as possible by using a team site. The entire team can communicate and collaborate daily and avoid data duplication with seamless data transfer to and from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and Office 365. There is also no need to input data into two systems.

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