Today we look at an Address autofill module based on the PostCode Anywhere service.

One of the great strengths of Magento is that you can plug in additional functionality in a modular manner. These modules are produced by Magento’s extensive community and are available on both a free and pay basis. It’s a bit like the Apple iPhone and it’s App Store ; Whatever you need -there’s a module for that!

MeanBee’s Postcode Anywhere module integrated postcode anywhere’s address autofill functionality straight into Magento’s customer checkout process, without the need for any coding or design work. This has the effect of making it much quicker and easier for customers to complete the all important (and often neglected) checkout process – which in turn can markedly improve customer conversion. At present the module only supports UK addresses, but international support is on the way. It does cost £24.99 but that is a small price to pay for a great little module. You need to have a Postcode Anywhere account – You can set one up at . It costs £50 for 750 lookups .

You can find out more about the module It’s a little gem – hope it works for you!