In order to help you get to know the Williams Commerce team a little better in 2019, we’re running an interview series with selected members of our company.

The first interviewee is Laura Otten, an Ecommerce Solution Specialist here at Williams Commerce.

How long have you been with the company?

My first day at Williams Commerce was 16th August 2010, making me one of our longest serving team members. Before that, I worked with Rob Williams for his previous online retail company alongside another member of the current Williams team, Wendy Slater.

Tell us about your job role and key responsibilities.

I started off at Williams Commerce as an Ecommerce Project Manager. During our initial growth period, my role also grew – from Senior Project Manager to Head of Projects.

In December 2018, I moved into a new role – Ecommerce Solution Specialist. My main responsibilities in this role include advising clients as to what solution will suit their requirements best. If we are successfully hired as the agency for the project, I work with the client and the project manager during the discovery phase. This is done through workshops, meetings and calls to make sure everybody is moving in the same direction. The outcome of this phase is the ecommerce project scope document.

If this document  is signed off by the client, the project will then be delivered by one of our skilled project managers in the team, while I will remain available for any technical challenges and risks faced during the project.

What do you think helps our offering stand out from the crowd?

We are a complete partner that can provide everything our clients need to reach their ecommerce goals – be it in a B2B capacity or retail capacity.

From system integration, eCommerce website builds, marketing, SEO and more, we not only look to deliver high-quality, technical solutions but also always look to create long term relationships with clients. We look at what suits our clients’ needs now, tomorrow, next year and over the coming years if required. This can be supported by our support and growth acceleration work.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Williams Commerce?

We’re an ever-growing agency with a lot of enthusiastic team members who all want the same thing for our clients over the long term – success. I’ve known and worked with a lot of our clients for many years and developed really positive working relationships.

What do you enjoy doing away from work?

We just got a young Boston Terrier who is turning 10 months soon and I love to take her for long walks with my partner. My other interests include sport, photography and the automotive world.

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