As a business owner, you might well have been running your business intelligently for years. That is somewhat the art of business - making intelligent decisions at the right time.

But in the modern age, technology’s ability to provide information and insight that can support your decision-making is incredibly powerful.

This is what true business intelligence today involves. It’s about utilising the potential of data and information to analyse trends and opportunities that can help steer your business in a positive direction.

There are a number of ways that business intelligence can help your company thrive. In the latest Williams Commerce blog, we take a look at where opportunities for business intelligence to help your company to thrive may lie.



What does Business Intelligence involve?

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Business intelligence as a term encompasses a fairly wide range of potential usages within a business setting.

Business intelligence can cover everything from reporting, analytical processing and data mining to business performance management, predictive analytics and business opportunity creation.

As a company, if there is a part of your business not operating as it should or capable of doing more, bringing business intelligence into the mix can really help transform things for the better.

Business intelligence technologies enable you to identify what’s going right and what’s can be improved.

It allows you to generate and analyse reports that provide actionable insight into processes, tasks and areas of potential growth.

It also allows you to offer your customers a better online experience, providing intelligent information at intelligent engagement points in the customer journey. This can help to enhance decision making, provide shoppers with information that is relevant to their tastes and interests, and can ultimately help to increase revenue.

By investing in a solution with business intelligence at its heart, you can start to get to the very heart of your business and understand the way things are at a deeper level, and to deliver more to your customer base.



What does Magento Business Intelligence bring to the table?

As a leading ecommerce platform provider working with leading players, we understand how business intelligence modules can be utilised in the ecommerce space.

These modules all allow business users to access information that can be used to identify the patterns, problems and potential areas of growth.

Magento Business Intelligence is a commerce solution providing users with a data pipeline, warehouse and visualisation capabilities. There are also advanced reporting techniques to enable deeper analysis of data and develop ecommerce insights for business growth.

This business intelligence module is a superb option for ecommerce businesses due to its really powerful data capabilities, integrating with your Magento database. It features full-stack, automated data replication technology, and comes with a cloud-based warehouse for all your data.

The module also features dashboards that allows you to get the kind of analysis and insight that can enable positive business decisions to be made. Complex data can be also transformed into visually digestible formats such as dashboards and charts, which allows you to get the most out of your business intelligence capabilities. These are accessible across varying stakeholders within a business.



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What kind of costs are involved?

Costs naturally vary, with the cost of some modules based on page hits, while others come as a package and others as licenses.



If you’re interested in a specific module integration, Williams Commerce can help identify what costs you are looking at.



How can Williams Commerce help?

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Our team has worked with dozens of clients to help them embrace Magento Business Intelligence capabilities and enable improvements to be made across a variety of areas.

Contact our team of experts to discuss your options and get the best business intelligence solutions for your business.