Modern businesses are having to adjust and adapt to seismic shifts within their customer base, which is creating greater pressure to deliver a robust online experience than ever before.

A growing number of online ecommerce purchases are today made via mobile, while social channels are also becoming a more influential area when it comes to customer decision making.

Additionally, companies are under pressure to better manage their budget and resources, harness data more effectively, and innovate internally. Combine this with a need to deliver personalised experiences to customers, maintain differentiation and deal with fragmented shopping behaviours, and the situation for online retailers today is far from straightforward.

How to Move Forward

There are a few key ways companies can begin to make progress in today’s competitive ecommerce world. One that stands above the rest is developing a better understanding of what today’s customers are doing, how they are doing it, and what factors are impacting their online retail journey.

– The majority of shoppers buy more from retailers that personalise the shopping experience
– Shoppers tend to view local store inventory online
– Online purchases are still returned to a store if the customer is not satisfied in the majority of cases

Delivering relevant, personalised experiences to customers is now becoming the status quo. Those who don’t do this risk being left behind by the competition.

There’s also increasing pressure on ecommerce retailers to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reach new customers
  • Explore and open new channels for sales and create new business models
  • Have websites that load quickly online and on mobile to avoid customer abandonment

If these above points align with your own company’s aims, having a truly powerful ecommerce platform in place can make all the difference.

Migrating to Magento Commerce 2

Magento Commerce 2 is an ecommerce platform that allows users to provide compelling experiences to customers across any device.

With customisable, pre-built responsive themes, content staging and preview, and enterprise-grade CMS integrations, the Magento 2 platform makes it easy to deliver experiences customers will engage with.

There’s also the opportunity to enhance the shopping services delivered. Companies can:

  • Deliver omnichannel servicing
  • Fulfill orders from any location
  • Offer their full inventory to customers from any channel

Customers can also be more easily converted thanks to Magento Commerce 2’s two-step checkout and PayPal in-context offerings, and market reach can be extended thanks to the platform’s global AWS network, easy accessibility to global shippers and rapid site replication.

There’s also native B2B functionality and virtually limitless third-party integration.

Making the Leap

Out-of-the-box, Magento Commerce 2 offers exceptional speed, scalability and reliability. Customers can also dig deeper when it comes to analytics and development, and custom integration is also an option.

The platform boils down to the enabling of better shopping experiences for customers, leading to higher conversion rates and more effective operational efficiency as an organisation. If these align with your business goals, Magento Commerce 2 is an option you should strongly consider.

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