Google AdWords Introduces Expanded Text Ads

Earlier this year Google announced a series of mobile-oriented changes for AdWords which included the release of a new and expanded ad format for text ads.

Starting this month, advertisers in the UK can use the new expanded text ads, or keep using the standard format if they prefer so. However, the standard format for text ads will only be available until 26th October 2016, date after which the expanded text ads will become the mandatory format.

What’s different?

Unlike the standard text ads which contained 1 headline, 2 lines of description and a display URL, the expanded text ads have been created to allow for up to 50% more content to be used, as well as being optimised for mobile. Now, advertisers can use 2 headlines, each one of up to 30 characters, and the 2 description lines have been condensed into 1 description line of up 80 characters. The display URL has also seen a make-over, being replaced by the domain from the final URL and up to 2 ‘path’ fields which have up to 15 characters each.

What are the benefits?

This new structure will allow advertisers to re-think the messages they want to promote, as well as being able to include more information. For example, instead of keeping your CTA in the description, at the end of the ad, now you can use the second headline to put your CTA at the forefront of the text ad. Furthermore, when previewing the new expanded text ads, advertisers will also be able to see a preview for both mobile and desktop display.

But that’s not all! According to Google, advertisers can expect a significant increase in CTR from the new expanded text ads, with early testing reporting increases of up to 20% compared to the results achieved with the standard format.

To find out more about how you can make the most of the new expanded text ads in AdWords, contact one of our AdWords-certified specialists today on 0116 326 1116.


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