Fashion Brand Hype Re-Launch on Magento Enterprise with Williams Commerce

Williams Commerce, Magento Enterprise Partner, are delighted to announce the re-launch of fashion brand Hype on Magento Enterprise.

Hype was set up in 2011 by then student Liam Green, and has since gone on to transform into a modern day entrepreneurial inspiration for any would be start up business. The hugely successful fashion brand now processes thousands of orders a day and ships worldwide, not to mention being stocked by retail giants such as Topman and Asos.

For a brand like Hype, one of the most popular streetwear fashion brands to hit the market in years, a fast website capable of handling increased levels of traffic from all over the world was an absolute necessity, which is one of the reasons that Magento Enterprise  was the ideal platform.

As a Magento Enterprise (Gold) Partner, Williams Commerce were able to harness the power of the platform’s in built suite of native functionality to create a fresh new, modern website that fits Hype’s customers’ needs and aesthetic preferences down to a tee.

Displaying a widescreen tiled layout design, Hype’s new website offers a lot of on screen real estate to help showcase their latest products and promotions in a unique way. The combination of the edge to edge banners and promotional tiles creates an engaging user experience, both on desktop and mobile devices. A seamless mobile experience was more important than ever, given the prevalence of mobile for Hype’s younger audience.

Besides looking stunning, the perfect implementation of a mobile and tablet friendly responsive layout allows for their target audience to browse the website with ease on the go. Add in a smooth checkout process, API connections with a range of couriers and an efficient product search function and you are left with a streamlined process from the customer end all the way through to Hype’s product management system.

Hype’s newly launched website leads the way for modern ecommerce web design, both visually as well as responsively. Visit the new website now at:


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