First there was the transition from desktop to mobile and tablets and embracing a mobile-first world online, with ecommerce stores being fully optimised for mobile if they want to succeed in a world with fierce competition and an ever-increasing mobile usage.

After all, just a few weeks ago Google announced their plans to introduce mobile-first indexing for the ranking system used for Google search results, not to mention all the mobile-oriented changes that happened in AdWords this year.

But pioneering companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft are ready to take things even further in the rapidly changing landscape of the ecommerce industry, by starting to offer AI (Artificial Intelligence) based services and technologies such as Google Assistant or Microsoft Azzure ML.

What To Expect From An AI-First World

Whilst the days where all the technology we’re using on a daily basis will be AI-based and you’ll be able to give complex commands to devices or technologies are still far away, there has been some recent progress when it comes to implementing and creating AI technologies for ecommerce. According to a recent article from CIO the next generation of cloud computing could be powered by AI technologies, for example.

So what does that mean more exactly?

AI technologies and Machine Learning have the potential to take the popular trend of personalisation to the next level, in order to create a truly bespoke ecommerce experience for online users. By using Machine Learning, ecommerce platforms could create functionality that can be used to implement a predictive model of ecommerce which will anticipate the needs and preferences of your customers at a more accurate level. In turn, this new kind of predictive ecommerce could lead to significant increases in conversion rates and customer loyalty, as you’ll be able to serve highly targeted content to each one of your customers.

For example, the Cloudfy development team is currently working with Azzure ML service, doing R&D work to improve the relevance of the My Regular Best Buys feature available on the Cloudfy ecommerce platform, as well as using Machine Learning services to create and implement new functionality on the cloud-based platform.

As AI technology advances even faster we’re looking forward to seeing the impact this will have on the next-generation of ecommerce websites and services. If you’re ready to join this technological revolution and keep your online business ahead of your competition, contact the Williams Commerce team of ecommerce specialists today on 0116 326 1116 or email [email protected].