Adobe Sensei Search Review

Adobe Sensei is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform that provides powerful features for businesses.

When you use it with other Adobe products you can streamline processes and used with Adobe Commerce it will give your online sales a significant boost with tailored content and product recommendations.

What Is Adobe Sensei?

Adobe Sensei was introduced in 2016 in response to adoption of AI by market leaders such as IBMMicrosoft, and Salesforce, who were developing their own in-house AI technology.

Adobe Sensei has now been extended and integrated into many Adobe software as a service (SaaS) products and platforms, including:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud with features like predictive analytics, advertising spend targeting, and personalized customer journeys and recommendations.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere where it can be used to quickly modify photos, videos, and other media, and for enhanced search capabilities in Adobe Stock and Lightroom.
  • Adobe Document Cloud where it helps to improve scanning accuracy and simplifies form filling and signing documents online.

Adobe Sensei and tailored content

Demand for high quality personalized content has increased dramatically. In America research found that people spend an average of almost eight hours a day interacting with digital content and teenagers more than 11 hours.

Adobe Sensei has been developed to automate the creation and delivery of personalized content allowing marketers to develop their content strategies based on accurate intelligence. Features include:

  • Tags – a search algorithm that helps to find images that match your brand characteristics and guidelines which can then be tagged for easy selection. The process starts with brand-specific images and the key elements are learned for new images, which can then be refined.
  • Layout – analysis to automatically find the most effective content format and design layouts to match each audience’s typical behavior and preferred channels. Content can then be personalized across all your marketing channels.
  • Dynamic media – smart imaging detects information about device screen size, resolution and available internet bandwidth and minimizes file sizes for fast load times.

Adobe Sensei and Adobe Commerce

Adobe Sensei supports advanced product recommendations on the Adobe Commerce platform. It was introduced as part of the Adobe Magento 2.3.5 update in April 2020.

It can be used for a variety of different product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell to customers. Amazon says cross-selling accounts for more than a third of its revenue thanks to its AI-powered ‘Frequently bought together’ recommendations, so this is a powerful tool for your business.

With Adobe Sensei your ecommerce site can include:

  • Shopping recommendations – Adobe Sensei can use information about past user behavior and similar shoppers to develop ‘Recommended for you’ suggestions for individual shoppers. Since customers spend 40% more time shopping when experiences are personalized, this can increase your conversion rates and average order values (AOV).
  • Product recommendations – product-based recommendations such as ‘People who viewed/bought this also viewed/bought…’ can attract customers to similar or more appealing products based on the behavior of other customers.
  • Similar content – similar products can also be suggested to give customers more choices, based on the item they’re currently viewing. This can include visual similarity recommendations. For some sectors such as fashion, visual presentation and recommendations are more valuable than the search queries and keywords in the product description.
  • Popular products – products can also be recommended that have been most frequently viewed, bought, or added to the cart, or which are trending.
  • Personal offers – individual buying patterns can be analyzed so that tailored offers can be made or subscriptions recommended for regularly purchased items.

Adobe Sensei AI recommendations are processed and transmitted in the cloud, bypassing your Adobe Commerce servers, to provide fast results that don’t affect page loading times or on-page performance. Your customers can be quickly targeted across your ecommerce site to increase order values and to reduce checkout abandonment.

Product recommendations in Page Builder

In June 2020 product recommendation functionality was added to Adobe Commerce Cloud’s Page Builder. This allows product recommendations to be added to any page, block, or field using the easy drag-and-drop ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) tools. No technical skills are needed, so the process of personalizing customer journeys with recommendations in the right place at the right time can be simplified. 

Williams Commerce has an established and fully-certified team of developers, with experience of working with Magento and Adobe since 2011. We understand how to get the best from Adobe Commerce built-in functionality for your business. 

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