What are you doing to reduce abandonment rates onsite?

Online shoppers abandon their baskets for a whole myriad of reasons. But the question is what are you doing about reducing abandonment rates on your ecommerce store?

A report from IMRG (Consumer Retailing Report 2015) says a staggering 73% of online shoppers abandon their basket. More detailed analysis suggests that the key drivers behind current basket abandonment rates do not differ across channels. Smartphone basket abandonment rates are similar to those on desktop sites, with tablets being 5% higher.

The key reasons sited for basket abandonment according to IMRG;

54% – I changed my mind
40% – Delivery costs were too high
33% – I wanted longer to make a decision
30% – Check if product was cheaper elsewhere
Retailers who are spending time and effort on implementing a number of simple strategies to help overcome these barriers are creating incremental revenue by minimizing the pain points and giving shoppers every opportunity to complete the transaction.

Here’s a few examples of what we have implemented on our client’s websites with good success rates;

Ensure you clearly detail delivery from the outset of your web-visitors journey and ensure the information is well sign-posted and easy to access at certain touch points as shoppers move through your web-store.
Use your home page customer value proposition to feature a delivery headline
Ensure the actual delivery landing page is strong, clear and easy to understand. Complicated delivery methods are a real turn off.
Add a delivery tab or pop-up on the product page and basket page to ensure shoppers don’t need to leave the page to get a reminder about delivery charges.
Consider a delivery count-down featured prominently on all pages to make shoppers aware of your delivery conditions. “You have 4 hours and 32 minutes to order for next day delivery.”
Make the check-out simple and clutter free minimizing all distractions to ensure the shopper is focused solely on completing the journey
For those customers who made it through to registering or providing an email address, be sure to send a well thought through follow up email to remind or entice them to return to complete their purchase.
Others ways to persuade your web visitors to stay on their purchase journey with you.

Aggregated social content on product pages, ‘as seen on Instagram’ for example, can be powerful in adding that extra persuasive flourish.
Trust signals like customer reviews on the product page can play an important role in convincing your prospective customers you are a professional, trust-worthy business.
Delivery price and product price comparators on site, or price promise guarantees can help remove the need for shoppers to browse other sites to find the price cheaper elsewhere.
Having a well thought through strategy to work on implementing tactics to improve your abandoned basket rates can really help an online business improve their revenue and keep customers happy and satisfied with your online experience.


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