Having just returned from spending two days with the STV pest control team at the Glee show at the Birmingham NEC, the Williams Commerce MD Robert Williams speaks enthusiastically about the interactive site his design and development team have created for STV.

“We are absolutely delighted to have had the opportunity to work with a fantastic business like STV.  The pest control experts were keen to evolve their online presence with two clear objectives. Firstly to help consumers find fast and easy solutions to their pest problems.  Secondly to help consumers locate their nearest retailer stocking the STV product recommended to overcome their pest issue."

The website certainly achieves that and more in a user friendly and attractive design that guides consumers through a four step process starting with Tell us your pest problem, Tell us where your pest problem is, we tell you the solution and ending with the all-important; Where to buy It...  Robert continues to comment…"The response from national retailers like Robert Dyas and independent retailers visiting the STV stand was very encouraging and retailers have certainly welcomed the investment by STV to help create demand in store.”

The STV website also showcases the STV portfolio of products including the hugely popular Big Cheese brand, along with their other flagship brands including Defenders, Times Up, Gotcha, The Buzz and Zero In, where web visitors can interact with the brand categories, viewing detailed product information and read customer reviews.  STV have also embraced the use of video, by integrating video throughout the site, featuring product reviews by brand, but also creating the opportunity for users to upload their own video or blog reviews, which over time will create a terrific library of user-generated content.  Given the recent stats that something like 58% of online consumers purchases are now influenced by other users reviews, this is a smart move.  The Big Cheese and Defenders brand pages also feature an embedded Twitter feed direct on the websites, giving web visitors a quick snapshot into Twitter conversations happening in real time and the opportunity to join the STV twitter page.

To view the STV website, please visit www.stvpestcontrol.com.  If you’re interested in learning more about how the Williams Commerce team can help create or evolve your business online call Keri Williams in our sales and marketing team on 0116 326 1116.