Magento M2E Pro – A Scalable Feature-Rich Multi-Channel Integration Solution for Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten

Magento’s M2E Pro multi-channel integration solution is ideal for existing eBay, Amazon or Rakuten sellers who need a powerful inventory and order management system.

For ecommerce businesses whose growth strategy includes plans sell in more than one marketplace, M2E Pro offers outstanding benefits too.

Williams Commerce has delivered over 40 M2E projects from simple installations to advice on multi-channel growth strategies, so we know it is a great tool.

M2E Pro is an extension for Magento that has been downloaded over 80,000 times via Magento Connect, handling almost 57million orders in 2015. With so many active users, it is the world’s top multi-channel integration solution.

M2E features include:

  • full inventory control
  • centralised data management
  • flexible pricing settings
  • unlimited marketplace stores and accounts
  • task automation
  • real-time stock and order management

With M2E Pro you can:

  • save time by listing products from Magento directly to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten
  • automate processes by delivering orders straight to your Magento orders screen for processing
  • improve efficiency by minimising data entry errors.
  • All the data is stored only in Magento and is managed from just one page.

Fully Automated Product Listing

Many Williams Commerce customers handle over 1000 orders each day through M2E Pro. The right configuration and setup will deliver full automation between product management in your Magento ecommerce store and Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten marketplaces.

Centralised Stock Management

You can have a single stock figure managed across all marketplaces from Magento.

M2E Pro allows quick and simple creation and management of product listings, including automated synchronisation of stock levels, pricing, and product details. Imported marketplace orders can generate automatic feedback for buyers and produce updates that significantly reduce the time needed for listing maintenance.

Streamlined delivery processes

You can synchronise eBay Order status and Magento Order statuses, so why not go further and connect with carriers and order management systems to streamline your business even further?


Contact us today to find out more about how M2E could improve your multi-channel business.


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