Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 delivers 27% to 48% faster performance

According to an update from Magento late yesterday, Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 has been released giving a 27% to 48% performance improvement.

A third party Magento system integrator Zynovo validated that Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 delivers much improved response times and lower CPU utilisation than previous version. The benefit is two fold, potentially lower hosting charges and improved user experience. An extract from the Magento update reveals the results: –

The third-party testing revealed:

• Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 provides 27% to 48% faster application server response times versus previous Enterprise Edition versions across all page types. Faster response times are critical — market research shows a strong correlation between faster response times and higher conversion rates.
• Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 provides 37% to 44% lower application server CPU utilization versus previous versions. Have more control over hosting infrastructure costs today and gain more flexibility when planning future site infrastructure needs.
• PHP 5.5 has significantly better application server response times and CPU utilization rates on Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 versus previous versions of PHP. Upgrading to PHP 5.5 from earlier versions of PHP provides additional conversion rate and hosting cost benefits.

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