Lingo24 translation extension for Magento launched

Flint Technology are proud to announce the launch of a ground breaking new Magento extension for Lingo 24.

Finally retailers can forget about exporting and importing translated content or spending lots of time going product by product, CMS Page by CMS Page to translate their content for new international stores. This extension ensures that retailers  looking to launch their website in different languages can do so easily and cost efficiently.

With the Lingo24 extension for Magento retailers can localise their content in 3 easy steps

1. Select and send the Magento translatable content.

Pick easily the products, categories, CMS pages, static blocks and even attributes to be translated.

Users have 100% freedom to choose which content they want to submit for translation; content which has been edited recently, only products/pages created recently and/or cherry-picked specific content.

2. Accept the quote

User has total control to decide if they want to proceed with the quote

3. Import the translated content automatically.

Once the content is translated you can imported to as many stores as you want.

It’s as easy as that!

Justin Biddle, Commercial Director at Flint Technology said, “This Magento Extension can make the expansion plans of so many retailers, large and small, a reality by offering a seamless way to properly localise content. Lingo 24 have been very smart to target the Magento platform, as with 40% of the UK online retailers using the platform, they can provide their services to a vast audience at a stroke.”

Lingo 24 is one of the world’s fasted growing translation agencies, and has a network of 4000 of the best translators in hundreds of different language combinations. Lingo24 offers different levels of translations depending on the retailer budget:
First Draft Translation – See full information here
Fully Managed translation and Editing – See full information here
Fully Managed translation with Style – See full information here

Lingo 24 commissioned Flint to build their Magento extension because of their expertise in delivering specialist extensions for platforms such as Shutl, Verifone, Feefo, MNP’s OrderActive, Khaos Control and Prima.


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