Williams Commerce is working with our friends at BigCommerce and dotdigital to deliver a new webinar focused on making the move from B2B to D2C with case study from Start-Rite Shoes.

When a company undergoes a major transformation of any kind, there are always pearls of wisdom to be uncovered. 

In the world of digital retail, when you change the type of end customer you are looking to appeal to, there are plenty of lessons to be learned. 

This is exactly what Start-Rite Shoes did, as they transitioned from having a business-to-business (B2B) focus to adopting a direct-to-customer (D2C) model instead. 

The transition to D2C was an unequivocally successful one, with Start-Rite Shoes realising a fantastic 45% growth in gross revenue on their website. 

Following on from Williams Commerce’s recent whitepaper on this topic, we will be sharing tips and guidance on how best to make this transition in a new webinar with examples from Start-Rite Shoes. 

Taking place in association with Williams Commerce, BigCommerce and dotdigital, the webinar will examine how Start-Rite Shoes set about building relationships with D2C customers and developing a better understanding of their behaviour. 

The webinar will also cover:  

- Why brands are going direct to consumer.
- Which customer expectations are changing.
- The best ways to design and optimise websites and marketing.
- Integrating other business operations.
- How best to measure success. 

We hope to help give attendees a clear and actionable idea of how best to embrace D2C operations.  

Williams Commerce has worked with Start-Rite Shoes for many years, most recently delivering a new website built on the BigCommerce ecommerce platform. 

The webinar will take place Thursday 22nd July 2021 from 11:00am - 11:45am BST.  

You can sign up to attend the webinar here.