Williams Commerce, a Leicester-based digital marketing agency, has been named a Search Innovation finalist in this year’s Premier Partner Awards, presented by Google Partners.

The Premier Partner Awards honour innovation in digital marketing across search, mobile, video, display, shopping and growing businesses online.

Williams Commerce offers digital marketing, SEO and PPC services to companies that range from Direct Vacuums to Fine Food Specialist. Their award submission included a profile describing their recent work for Evolution Organics.

Evolution Organics was looking to accelerate growth online via different channels, including PPC. Having previously worked with Williams Commerce to build a new Magento ecommerce website, Evolution Organics turned to the company once again for guidance and assistance.

Williams Commerce developed a new strategy for Evolution Organics that included advanced bid scheduling to enable campaigns to target specific audiences at the right time. Ongoing search campaign experiments, including testing Target CPA versus Manual CPC bidding, were also implemented to determine which option was optimal for each campaign.

Since the strategy was introduced, Williams Commerce has maintained a direct ROAS of averaging at 1,369% for Evolution Organics, who have seen significant improvements in revenue. An average ROAS of 2,014% for the search campaigns has also been achieved since the new strategy was implemented.

“We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for a Search Innovation Award as a Google Premier Partner,” explains Rob Williams, CEO of Williams Commerce. “I’m especially pleased for our hardworking, fantastic digital marketing team, who truly consider innovation as a key part of their role while delivering breakthrough results for our customers!”

Williams Commerce is part of a select group of digital specialists that Google celebrates as Premier Partners. To qualify as a Premier Partner, digital marketing agencies and professionals must pass a series of exams and prove their expertise in using and applying Google’s advertising products.

Premier Partner Awards 2018 winners will be announced this autumn – g.co/premierpartnerawards/emea.

Download the full PPC case study.

About Williams Commerce

Headquartered in Leicester, UK, with additional offices in London, Asia and Europe, Williams Commerce is a full end to end digital service agency offering ecommerce, digital marketing, software development, business systems and hosting to over 400 clients across the UK and internationally. Williams Commerce have established key partnerships with Microsoft, Magento, Google, Shopware, Shopify, Sitecore, SAP.