Williams Commerce have built Astro Imports a new website.

Leicester based Williams Commerce has been established since 2005 and has worked hard to build a solid reputation for helping large wholesalers move to selling their products successfully online to their trade customers.  The Williams Commerce team have built B2B ecommerce websites in industries as varied as gardening, toys, sporting wholesale, cash and carrys, leather goods, fashion and jewellery to name a few and their latest website launch has been for a local Leicester importer specialising in pound and discount lines.

Astro Imports has enjoyed rapid growth since 2006, selling a range of pound and discount lines and attribute their success to a carefully selected product range and attention to serving their customers.  A clear example of this is their investment in enhancing their trade ecommerce website.  The website has been designed with their trade customers in mind.  From market traders, to ebayers, wholesalers and retailers, the site is structured for efficiency from the outset.  Unlike many other B2B ecommerce sites, registration takes less than one minute and Astro Imports new customers are able to start trading immediately.  The Astro team understand that giving their customers immediate access to their site with the ability to make an order immediately, was a key priority and the site has been structured to enable this.

Given the breadth of the Astro product range, with products as varied as houseware, toys, hardware, stationary, pet products, kitchenware, novelty lines and much more. The new website showcases the range through a clear and simple left hand vertical navigation structure with fast loading speed, vital to avoid a frustrating buying experience.  The buying experience is further enhanced with trade customers having the ability to order straight from the sub category page, which speeds up the creation of an order immensely and provides an efficient and fast process for creating a bulk order.  This functionality has been pioneered by the Williams Commerce team on their bespoke wCommerce platform.  Furthermore the content management system(CMS) is built for the business owners needs in mind and is scaleable as the business grows.

The real work is done behind the scenes, through Williams Commercial deep technical understanding on how to integrate business processes to their client's websites.  An upfront investment in your website to integrate it to your accounting package, can provide huge dividends in the medium to long term and can in fact pay back extremely quickly when your new website is coupled with a dedicated digital marketing plan including such tactics as results driven SEO  and email marketing campaigns.  Integration can mean a reduction in staff costs and overhead, reducing administration significantly and creating enormous efficiencies in your business.

If you're looking to take your wholesale business online to offer a self-service solution to your trade customers, you can be reassured that the Williams Commerce team have the right blend of technical know-how and experience to become your fast track to a multi-million pound business online.

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