To mark our upcoming 10 year anniversary in 2019, Williams Commerce have recently launched the latest iteration of our online destination with a fresh and contemporary new website design, alongside some subtle changes to our branding.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

In such a fast-paced, progressive industry, change is a constant. Over the last 10 years, our business has evolved tremendously to meet the changing needs of our clients and to keep pace with an extremely dynamic ecommerce sector.

Our website has undergone a number of iterations over the past 10 years to showcase our brand and the services we offer.

This year, we’ve taken our 10 years of full service digital agency experience and made something special. Our fantastic in-house team of designers, marketers and developers have collaborated to build a website that best reflects our business today.

About the Project

Our website redesign has revolved around our customers, helping to facilitate the best possible experience for them online. We have completely re-engineered our navigation to be streamlined and in-tune with our core service offerings, allowing visitors to access what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Our portfolio section – the most visited part of the site – has focused on presenting detailed case-studies to enable our visitors to read about the work we have undertaken on behalf of our clients.

Two vital elements, speed and mobile, have been given huge focus during the redesign. Site speed and mobile usability is now much improved.

Williams Commerce Website Desktop
Williams Commerce Mobile

Darren Barrett, Williams Commerce lead digital designer, played an integral role in the redesign, working in partnership with both the marketing team and developers to create a fresh, intuitive design.

“Various elements of the site have been reworked to simplify the user experience,” says Darren. “For example, the new formblocks make it easier for visitors to make enquiries and communicate with the Williams Commerce team, while in the blog section, users can quickly find content on topics interesting to them.

For the portfolio section, we took a granular approach to help separate important information on the page. This makes it easier to follow for a reader thanks to the mixture of image and text. The testimonial block also makes it easier to see client feedback.” 


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