Insight Lenses was unlike any other business in the industry Williams Commerce has worked with.

The well-established bespoke B2B lens manufacturer and supplier, came to Williams Commerce for a customised solution using the latest version of Magento and hosted on our Magento Optimised VPS hosting solution.

As a supplier of independent opticians with 37 years of experience in the industry, Insight Lenses takes pride in their customer service. Therefore, it was vital that the new Insight Lenses website was responsive, comprehensive and easy to use and place orders, making life as simple as possible for Insight Lenses’ trade customers. The result is sophisticated ordering platform, that is fast, efficient and easy to use, while still including all the required technical information.

The most important feature of the website is Insight Lenses’ ordering feature. With lenses being such a specialised product and opticians needing to specify exact requirements for their customers, Insight Lenses need an ordering system that allows their own customers to enter the prescription requirements.

The Insight Lenses ordering system allows customers to do exactly that, specifying the details of their order to the finest of details. The new website hosts this feature, ensuring customers can easily place their orders to meet their specifications.

On Williams Commerce’s work with Insight Lenses, Steve Mason, Insight Lenses’ Managing Director said “Our aim was to build a unique website for independent opticians to order their lens products. The site had to be striking, easy to use but also contain considerable technical information. At the same time it then had to integrate with our internal order system. Williams Commerce understood our requirements and delivered way above our expectations. They were instrumental in offering suggestions to the structure and design appearance of our website. At all times they were responsive to our needs, even when we changed our mind on certain content. As a company we are delighted with the finished website and are truly grateful for all the help, guidance and support we received during the build.”

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