Williams Commerce has partnered with Klevu AI-powered smart search to provide merchants with content rich search results and improved search analysis working alongside Magento, BigCommerce and WordPress.

Klevu is an intelligent site search solution designed to help eCommerce businesses increase onsite sales and improve the customer online shopping experience. Klevu powers the search and navigation experience of thousands of mid-level and enterprise online retailers by leveraging advanced semantic search, natural language processing, merchandising and multi-lingual capabilities, ensuring visitors to your site find exactly what they are looking for regardless of the device or query complexity.

Williams Commerce Partner Manager, Michael Cheung said “Partnering up with Klevu is the right choice in supporting and assisting our merchants to provide the best possible user search as part of their user journey on eCommerce sites.

With limitations on existing searches on eCommerce and content-based platforms, Klevu allows merchants to gain richer insights, improving their digital offering to customers, improving online experiences delivering the right results to the right target audience.

With Klevu’s advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and advanced merchandising capabilities this is head above the rest. Klevu has over 3000+ retailers globally using the application so it’s a proven service, delivering immediate results. Results have shown merchants who work with Klevu tend to see a 10-40% increase in their search-led conversion rate, alongside other positive metrics around revenue driven via search, reductions in bounce rates/site exits and increases in sessions with search.

The team is super excited to be working with Klevu to deliver excellent results with our merchants.”

“Klevu is really excited to partner with Williams Commerce, we look forward to collaborating with the team and providing their merchants with a best-in-class search and navigation solution” said UK/APAC Strategic Partnerships Manager, Claudia Luisa Ditri.

To drive the right search results to your customers on your Magento, BigCommerce or WordPress site, get in contact with the Williams Commerce team.

Site Conversion 3x - 5x increased conversion
Increase Revenue Up to 93% increase in revenue
Reduced Bounce Rates Up to 185% improved bounce rates

About Klevu

Our mission is to make the most advanced site search and offer it in packages that are designed for every online store, no matter their budget or size! Klevu search was developed so that all online businesses can employ search technology that delivers an intuitive, responsive and enjoyable shopping experience for consumers. Klevu provides a seamless integration process with a plug-and-play integration for Magento, Shopify & BigCommerce. 

Here are our core pillars of Klevu: 

  • Machine-Learning Search Optimization: Klevu continuously learns how shoppers are interacting with on-site search, optimising results based on shoppers' search queries, clicks & conversions.
  • Linguistic Processing & Enrichment: Klevu adds contextually relevant synonyms to your catalog and inventory in meta-data format. This enrichment of the catalog can result in 3x the depth and coverage of search results. This automation reduces the need to manually manage synonyms and error tolerance. 
  • Natural Language Processing: Klevu’s unique query processing technology enables shoppers to type what they are thinking and get relevant results.We are able to extract user intent in a longer complex query e.g. “two seater sofa in grey under 500”.
  • Advanced Merchandising: We provide retailers with the capability to override Klevu’s machine-learning and implement business logic by using our merchandising suite (product-level boosting, rule-based promotions, keyword-level visual merchandiser).