Williams Commerce today announced that it has become a Demandware Affiliate Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to increasing the pace of innovation and growth of Demandware® Commerce.

Through the Services Partner Program, Williams Commerce provides Demandware clients ecommerce solutions, ecommerce consultancy, UX/UI creative design, digital marketing and systems integration, enabling them to accelerate time to market, improve consumer engagement and grow their business faster.

The Demandware LINK Partner Ecosystem is composed of hundreds of innovative and highly skilled technology and services partners who collectively deliver Demandware clients unprecedented levels of agility, choice, and speed-to-market.

“We’re delighted to have been appointed as a Demandware partner” says Robert Williams, Managing Director of Williams Commerce. “Demandware offers an exciting opportunity for our customers to scale their business online quickly and easily without the need for provisioning underlying hosting to cope with increases in demand. This is particularly relevant and valuable with the seasonal peaks in sales and traffic many of our retail customers experience.”

“Williams Commerce see a strong fit within our portfolio of ecommerce solutions for Demandware amongst retailers doing in excess of £10million GBP / $15million USD online. As we grow our Demandware ecommerce agency, we will bring much of our ecommerce and systems integration experience to the market further strengthening our mid-market and large retailer customer ecommerce services.”

“We welcome Williams Commerce as a new Demandware Affiliate Partner,” said David Port, VP of Global Partner Marketing at Demandware. “We are pleased that Demandware customers can now take advantage of the commerce expertise that Williams Commerce brings to the LINK ecosystem.”

For more information, call +44(0)116 326 1116 or email [email protected].