More and more companies have become involved in what is now dubbed as “the Battle of the Buy Button”, as substitute sellers use the name and reputation of well-known brands to sell inferior quality products on online sales platforms.

Bonnington Plastics is one of the companies that has been affected by this recent phenomenon and they decided to fight back with the help of Williams Commerce, Magento Silver Solution Partner, who have developed a software that is able to monitor online sales and identify this type of issue.

The Williams Commerce IP Infringement Scanning Software can be used to search for certain products or titles. It ‘scrapes’ website pages on Amazon and Ebay in order to identify the sellers of those products and then, the software verifies whether the identified sellers are existing customers of the main business or not. Once substitute sellers have been identified through this new software, they can then be approached by the lawyers of the company regarding the issue of IP infringement.

Robert Williams, Managing Director of Williams Commerce, who was at the forefront of the development team says “Working with a only a few prominent manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, we are starting to see only a small part of the large problem which is brand IP infringement on the major online marketplaces. Our work continues with sophisticated enhancements to help our customers identify broader IP infringement cases throughout the internet using new product image matching technology.”

To learn more about the new Williams Commerce IP Infringement you can contact our team on 0116 326 1116 or email us at [email protected].