Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce platform on the planet and is beating out all competition in terms of the numbers of ecommerce businesses that utilise it.

According to statistics released in October 2014, 25.6% of ecommerce businesses online are built on the Magento Community ecommerce platform, while an additional 4.4% utilise the Magento Enterprise ecommerce platform.

As a result, it is vital for any ecommerce website development business to be well versed in Magento development. Here at Williams Commerce, we are quickly adding to our Magento qualifications.

As an official Magento Certified Associate Partner with Bronze qualification, and quickly on our way to be rewarded with the Silver qualification, Williams Commerce specialises in building website on both the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise platforms. We also employ seven Magento Certified Plus Developers. With only a limited number of people in the world with this qualification, we are very proud to have such expertise on our development team.

Our Magento portfolio is ever expanding, with Williams Commerce recently taking live the new CIMC website, Moon Climbing website, Insight Lenses website and Character Linens website. We also are continually working with the websites that we take live; fixing any issues that may arise.

To see our portfolio of work, please visit our portfolio page, and if you’re looking to upgrade to Magento and would like to have a chat, just give the Williams Commerce team a call on 0116 326 1116, or email [email protected].