Recently, Google have relaunched their Places for Business as Google My Business.

Featuring a similar interface to that of Google +, the new Google My Business is a central dashboard for you to manage your Google + and Google Maps listings, while giving users access to quick insights from Analytics too.

It is the first time that all of these features have been accessible in the same place.

With Google increasingly focused on displaying local results, particularly due to the growth in mobile browsing, the new Google My Business pages are intended to benefit your local search traffic (both online and on foot).

Allowing you to easily manage and update full, official contact details and a far simpler means of achieving a Google Maps listing for new or existing businesses, the latest changes have the aim of maximising the flow of local traffic to your physical store. A fully complete Google My Business listing will make potential customers aware of your physical store’s location and your contact information at a glance. This will happen without users necessarily having to look on your homepage, they will be able to access all of your key information from a Google search page.

Google My Business ensures that all listings have:

• An exact geographic location, via your Google Maps listing
• Full verified contact information for your business location
• Opening hours listed (meaning customers will know when you’re open or closed)
• Reviews of your business by others
• Company images

The more of these you have, the stronger your listing will be (and hence, it is more likely you’ll be found across Google search).

For new and existing businesses, the process of establishing this information has never been simpler.

If you’re a company looking to optimise your local search-friendliness via Google, whether you’re brand new to SEO and social media marketing, or even if you’re already set up with Google Plus and want to ensure your listing, then we can help!

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