We thought we would do a quick blog post on the subject of ‘Why should I upgrade Magento to the latest version?’.

A question commonly asked by our customers and we have included a brief summary below. When a new version is released by Magento e.g. the recent Magento Community Edition 1.8 or Magento Enterprise 1.3, we tend to wait around 6 weeks in the case of the Community addition before adopting it… In the case of Magento Enterprise we would tend to wait longer, 2 – 3 months to ensure there are no instability issues.

At Williams Commerce for any new Magento site build we only work on the latest stable version as Magento as their are important bug fixes with each release. We carry out a lot of upgrade work and again rather than taking a small step from say Magento Enterprise 1.1 to 1.2, we would move to the latest version. The effort in upgrading is rarely simple and we usually need to do a full code review to ensure the process does not expose our customers site to any unnecessary risks. It is important to keep Magento up to date for a number of reasons. As developers maintaining knowledge of each version is easily possible or cost effective, so it is simpler to focus on the latest version if making any major changes. A major improvement came with Community 1.7 / Enterprise 1.1 and the most significant changes in recent versions are here…

Security. As this is a large scale platform weaknesses in earlier versions are patched and fixed in later versions. For critical sites it is very important to stay current. Over 100+ Security vulnerability issues fixed since 1.4 an example fixed in 1.8: Resolves a remote code execution vulnerability that enables an attacker with Magento administrator privileges to delete files and directories on a Magento installation.

  • Performance, speed and caching improved significantly.
  • Improved mobile theme handling.
  • Better extension handling / easier to add new functionality and features.
  • Extended and better performing data integration options.
  • Automatic recaching based on schedule.
  • Tax calculation and rounding issues fixed.
  • Multiple pricing levels / tiers.
  • VAT validation for export orders.
  • Multi tiered promotion codes.

For further in depth reading take a look at the Magento Release Notes… the 1000s of changes and release notes can be found here. If you are considering Magento or have a Magento version which requires an upgrade why not give us a call on 0116 326 1116, or fill in the contact form on our contact page. We have carried out over 50 upgrades in the last year.