Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent system that monitors market signals and converts them into actionable insights.

It could be precisely the tool you are looking for to help your sales and customer service teams understand shifting buyer preferences and unpredictable competitive responses in a changing environment.

You can deliver a complete end-to-end customer journey by integrating your ecommerce platform with your marketing, sales, and customer service functions. You can also be confident that you have a solution that will scale with your business.

What is MS Dynamics 365 Sales?

The MS Dynamics 365 suite provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Its one-module-one-feature approach means that you can choose the options that are best-suited to your business.

There are five modules in the CRM offer, including Sales, which give a complete overview of interactions with customers and potential customers. Sales is used to forecast and plan interactions and to provide a single source of accurate information for your sales, marketing and customer services teams.

What you can do with MS Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Develop insights – in uncertain times, it has never been more important to focus on the right customers at the right time. Insights about when, where and how to engage with your customers and the latest market trends are supported by artificial intelligence (AI) without coding requirements. You can identify patterns in your buyers’ behavior and predict their needs. Communications are scanned and displayed on relevant dashboards across your sales, marketing and customer services teams to keep everyone up to date. Information can be collected to support key indicators and track performance.
  • Monitor leads, contacts, forecasts and sales – with increased remote working, you can keep track of relationships and data across Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint, social media tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Dynamics 365 Sales. You can generate your own projections and augment them with predictive analytics to make your forecasts more accurate. Sales performance can be improved with snapshots, analytics, and conversion rates, or with visualisations of the whole pipeline.
  • Improve performance – you can support your sales team effectively using data-driven feedback. Decisions can be made based on real-time data and trends. Using a single workspace, your field-based or remote staff can easily access all the information they need to prioritize and manage their activities. All of your teams can see campaigns and workflows and qualified leads can be passed on automatically. Everyone can work together and share documents directly with Microsoft Teams.
  • Build relationships – you can create and maintain interactive organization charts for your key accounts and prospects. Risk factors such as role changes and restructuring can be monitored. You can also combine your own insights with survey results and feedback from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.
  • Increase efficiency – like all the MS Dynamics 365 suite, Sales features an intuitive and interactive user interface, which can suggest new contact records, share sales playbooks with repeatable, winning sales techniques, and provide relevant reference and training materials throughout the sales cycle.
  • Enable innovation – with the prebuilt AI applications in MS Dynamics 365 you can analyze data, visualize options, automate workflows, and build and connect custom applications with Microsoft Power Platform.


Latest Dynamics 365 features

Whether you are already an MS Dynamics 365 user or you’re considering replacing your legacy systems you can benefit from Sales with confidence. There is a clear roadmap for the future, designed to help you create and manage your sales forecasts, improve accountability, and add more predictability to your sales processes.

Already announced for general availability in October 2020, gamification of the sales process has been added to the unified interface to improve motivation, drive CRM adoption, and increase sales performance and revenue. Document workflows and data management have also been improved.

There are also improvements to modeling to make it easier to configure and access complex forecasts.

This month sees the public preview of a new mobile app to help remote workers and field-based members of your sales team keep everything up to date and access key data more easily.

In the next few months, you can expect to see enhancements to the quote, order and invoice process with improved views, easier configuration, and scope for extra product information.

Is MS Dynamics 365 Sales right for your business?

With MS Dynamics 365 Sales you will have a unified view of key data on pricing, inventory, orders and invoices, clients, leads, and key accounts. With a single shared view, every member of your team can respond to your customers with confidence.

Productivity tools will improve performance, your data will be more transparent and customer-focussed activities will be supported with accurate analytics and reporting.

When integrated with your ecommerce platform you are in a strong position to make informed decisions and to plan and evolve your strategy as new insights become available.

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