We receive many calls every week from retailer, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors from a wide range of industries looking to take their online channel to the next level with Magento, whether that’s a brand new Magento store, moving off a platform that they have outgrown, or considering upgrading to the latest version of Magento.

Many merchants these days do their due diligence and will be shopping around so to speak, discussing their ecommerce requirements with a number of agencies, some of who are ‘non-Magento partners.’

We’ve compiled a list of some very good reasons why it makes sense for companies to choose an official Magento partner if you’re considering Magento as your platform of choice.

8 Reasons to choose an official Magento partner

Direct Access in to Magento’s Support Team

Merchants do not have access to Magento support directly, only via the merchant’s account. Official Magento partners can have multiple users with access to support.

Access to Software

Official Magento partners will have software access and access to Magento code, along with gaining early access to new up and coming functionality, such as the B2B, Cloud Sandbox and Bluefoot features.

Strategic Insight from Magento

A real bonus official Magento partners can bring to their clients is access to Magento’s strategic thinking, accessing Magento Roadmap, company strategy and other businesses’ success stories and case-studies, bringing levels of insight into the Magento platform that non-Magento partners cannot.

Product Training

Magento offers deep product training, onsite training and monthly Aspire training calls for Magento official partners, which in turn is passed on to clients, equipping in-house ecommerce teams with the knowledge and confidence to get the most out of their Magento ecommerce store.

Quality Standards

Official Magento partners have achieved partner status based on their ability to execute to Magento’s quality standards. Magento accreditations are technical and difficult to achieve and require extensive training, hands-on experience and being current with all the latest updates and additions. Choosing an official Magento partner means you know what you are getting and have Magento standards behind your investment.

At the forefront of Magento

For formal Magento partners to obtain partner status and keep it, they must continually launch new Magento Enterprise (and Community) sites every year, connecting them with the latest Magento functionality.  Having that tangible experience contributes to smooth and hassle free deployments, month after month.

Read our case-studies and see what industries we have worked across.

Business and Systems Focused

Official Magento partners will typically have a strong commercial focus on ecommerce and systems integration.  Deep technical knowledge on merging commerce with systems is becoming a key demand for many Merchants wanting to create greater efficiency and accelerate growth online.

Better Lines of Communication

If you’ve chosen an official Magento partner, one of the further benefits to companies, is the relationship between Partner and Magento is well connected and results in fast communication exchange when needed.

Becoming an official Magento partner is not easy.  Partners have to demonstrate success in Magento implementations, a commitment to resourcing in certified developers, sales and marketing and be able to deliver continuous Magento Enterprise deployments every year.

So if you’re looking for an official Magento partner for a new project, or if you’re looking to migrate from Magento 1 (also known as Magento Open Source and Magento Enterprise) to Magento 2 (also known as Magento Commerce/Magento Commerce Cloud and Magento OpenSource, look no further than Williams Commerce, who is an official Adobe Gold Partner (formally known as Magento Enterprise Partner).

Having built over 200 Magento websites for both B2B and B2C sectors and having numerous Magento success stories, our experienced team will be more than happy to help support your Magento Commerce project.

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