In 2018, it’s hard to imagine a world without Google. It’s easy to forget that not so very long ago, being able to quickly find answers to questions and accurate information in milliseconds was a pipedream.

But when Google search first emerged in 1998, it started down a game-changing path. Now, 20 years on, two decades of enhancement have seen the Google name become synonymous with search and the acquisition of information online.

Where is Google Search 20 Years in?

For everything it’s become, Google started as something of a directory that allowed users to find other locations on the web. It was a fair while before the search process became the intuitive, natural thing it is today.

An article from Think with Google that commemorate 20 years of Google Search has shed some light on the current views and expectations from those that use it. And it’s clear that expectations of users are higher than ever before.

“They’re turning to search to find everything from a lightbulb to a car, from the hours of the closest fast-food chain to reviews for family cruises,” writes Ken Wheaton, editor of Think with Google. “And every time they do, they’re demonstrating their intent. They want prices and locations but they also want inspiration and advice. And they expect information fast.”

This modern type of searcher is using Google in new ways, and is doing so in a more ruthless fashion. They expect immediate information and generally don’t have the patience they once did.

Google data is also indicating that even for the smallest daily decision, online search is increasingly being turned to. No item is too small or insignificant to escape a quick Google it seems.

Google search has also become a medium that is turned to when searchers are looking for something new. According to Google data, people are more open to trying new things and new brands than ever before.

For example, searches via mobile that include terms like ‘brands like’ and ‘stores like’ have seen a 60% rise in the past 2 years – something to consider when it comes to your SEO and PPC campaigns for sure.

Personal as a Priority

The way in which people are searching has also changed says Google, with a notable shift towards more personal terms.

For example, Google data shows an 80% rise in mobile searches that include the term ‘…should I…’ and a 60% increase in mobile searches containing ‘…for me’ in the past two years.

This indicates that search has become something people trust. People are more willing to let search results dictate their decisions and selections across many areas.

What now?

Google search has changed drastically since 1998, so it would be naïve to think that it will remain in its current form for very long.

This means that as a marketer, staying one step ahead is key. Predicting and analysing current trends to form a solid digital marketing strategy is certainly a good idea.

By providing assistive, personal information to those people searching around your brand, there’s an opportunity to garner growth and use search to your benefit moving forwards.

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