Apple Pay is an alternative, contactless way for consumers to make purchases in store or in mobile apps, using their iPhone (applies only to recent models such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) or Apple Watch (for in-store purchases only).

They can also use their iPads for in-app purchases of physical goods or services. Since its launch in the UK, last summer, increasingly more retailers have adopted Apple Pay, in order to offer more variety when it comes to payment options.

Furthermore, recent reports indicate that Apple Pay might become available as a payment method for mobile websites as well, before the end of the year. With consumers shifting towards mobile and the percentage of online shopping done on mobile devices increasing year on year, being able to offer another contactless method* to consumers for completing their purchase could help retailers improve their conversion rates and increase the number of checkout processes completed.

*PayPal’s One Touch represents another contactless option for PayPal users to complete their purchase online without having to enter their billing details.

Therefore, retailers who are aiming to grow their business online and already have a mobile-optimised website or an ecommerce app should seriously consider integrating their websites with contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay, in order to keep ahead of the competition and improve the customer experience they offer.

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