Magento has become the world’s leading ecommerce platform with roughly 30% of ecommerce platforms built on Magento. 4.4% of these utilise the Magento Enterprise platform, which is Magento’s top-end ecommerce content management system.

Williams Commerce are a leading Magento Enterprise partner delivering mid size Magento Enterprise projects, and we are consistently expanding our portfolio of websites that are built on a Magento System.

As we have experience in developing ecommerce website on both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise, we understand the best features of Magento Enterprise that draws retail business owners to it. Here we look at the top features of Magento Enterprise valued by retailers.

1. Full Page Cache

In order to improve server response times, thus reducing load times, one of Magento Enterprise’s key features in Full Page Caching. With slow loading times being the most common cause of site abandonment, and retail sites being three times slower than the industry standard, it is vital to ensure that your website is as quick as possible.

By caching your ecommerce website’s primary pages for all users, including category, product and CMS pages, Magento Enterprise ensures that any website built on it’s platform will run more smoothly and quickly.

2. Customer Segmentation

Magento Enterprise expertly groups customers by characteristics that are important to take into consideration when optimising marketing initiatives. Magento creates groups by segmenting users judged on their address, location, sex, as well as the value of the customer based of their previous order history or even browsing history.

It can even go a step further, identifying unknown site visitors and determine whether they are new or returning customers who have not logged in. You will be able to convert browsers into buyers by targeting these unknown users with specific promotions.

3. Private Sales

Magento Enterprise gives you the option to restrict your catalogue to specific customers. With this coupled with customer segmentation, you are able to target specific customers with limited time sales and promotions that they are more likely to be interested in. You can also create invitations and allow customer-initiated invitations.

4. Reward Points

A key goal for any ecommerce business is to have a consistent base of returning customers, so that as you bring in more new customers, you will continue to grow your customer base month by month. Magento Enterprise makes it easy for you to set up loyalty schemes to incentivise customers to return to your website.

Points can be given to your customers based on a variety of factors, and you have control over the rules of redeeming these codes based on a variety of parameters. You can set expiration dates to these points, and also control these points based on balances, consumer history and conversion rate.

5. Return Management Authorisation (RMA)

The Return Management Authorisation, or RMA, that features in Magneto Enterprise allows merchants to manage returns easily, supporting partial order returns, customer notifications, shipping methods and more. Being able to return items for whatever reason is very important in building trust with your customers. If a customer has a bad experience dealing with your business, they are likely to look elsewhere in the future.

6. Mobile Optimisation

It has become a necessity for online retail businesses to have a high-functioning mobile ecommerce site, whether it’s a responsive design or a stand-alone mobile website. Magento Enterprise allows businesses to develop their own HTML5 mobile site that is compatible with android and IOS devices. With more Internet users accessing the web on their mobile devices than on desktops, this feature is vital.

If you are growing really fast, or starting with more than £2million/$3.5million sales.. Consider Magento Enterprise to support that scale and growth. Williams Commerce have helped customers grow from zero to £4.2million in 18 months, or $2million in 12 months. Talk to us about how we can help you grow.

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