Black Friday is just around the corner. So if you’re looking to make some last minute improvements to your online store, now’s the time to get them sorted.

Our friends at Clerk.IO hosted a recent webinar that gave some good insights into what can you can do to encourage sales, provide a great customer experience, and make sure Black Friday 2019 is a success for your business.

Take a look through the key highlights, and get ready for Black Friday on 29 November 2019 now.

Black Friday Growth

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Black Friday has become the retail phenomenon it is today thanks to steady growth over a number of years.

Since 2014, Black Friday’s popularity has increased exponentially. According to Clerk.IO, 70% of consumers plan to buy at least one item in the Black Friday sales this year.

One prediction estimated that as much as US$125 billion could be spent this Black Friday, as people seek great deals on quality items.

Clerk.IO also pointed out some of the ways consumers interact with Black Friday, with a 39.5% increase in click-through rates on emails and messages around Black Friday.

Avoid these Black Friday mistakes

The Clerk.IO team highlighted some of the mistakes that companies make when it comes to Black Friday.

The first is putting too much emphasis on discounts. Rather than solely advertising the fact you’ve slashed prices, spend more time and effort on promoting your products. Solid product recommendations and before and after prices can encourage shoppers to invest in your range over the competition.

Another mistake businesses make is not sending enough emails out about their offers. You might want to avoid spamming people, but they always have the option to unsubscribe from your list. So be sure to send out plenty of emails highlighting the Black Friday discounts available.

Also look to create personalised and stylish content, and stay on top of your products.

And DEFINITELY avoid displaying out-of-stock products in your email advertising. The last thing you want is a customer getting an email, really liking what they see, and then going to buy only to find its out of stock. By embedding dynamic content and ‘batching’, it’s possible to avoid this unwanted scenario.

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Some Black Friday Best Practices

As a retailer embracing Black Friday, you can look to create a category page where you list all your Black Friday deals. This will save customers having to trawl through your site in search of what they really want - products at lower prices on Black Friday.

You can also look to segment your customers based on their interests and send relevant deals and info their way.

Follow up and Flourish

man in cafe receiving email following up after Black Friday.

Once 29 November passes, that doesn’t mean the opportunity to gain from Black Friday is gone.

Follow up opportunities are available in abundance, allowing you to strengthen your ties with customers and potential help them spend more with you.

A post-purchase follow up email campaign in which you thank shoppers who bought from you is a great opportunity to add a few recommended products and potentially stimulate their interest in more buys.

You can also get a better sense of what certain customers may be interested in.

For example, if they visited a certain range of products but didn’t commit to purchasing, you can use this information to deliver more relevant purchasing options to them in the future through email marketing. This allows the opportunity to potentially secure sales post Black Friday.

Get ready for Black Friday 2019!

Black Friday 2019 is on 29 November this year, so if you’re looking to secure more sales, don’t overlook some of the tips and tricks in this blog.

Look to be efficient and effective with your approach to Black Friday, and always put the needs of the customer first.

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