A publisher of beautifully-crafted editions of great literature and non-fiction from around the world, The Folio Society wanted to deliver a highly-intuitive, powerful website to its customers and enhance its ecommerce operations.

Williams Commerce were engaged to build a powerful new website running on Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2.5, implementing a design template and user experience created by another digital agency. This managed and automated hosting platform for Magento Commerce Cloud features a highly advanced technology stack and offers performance gains around indexing, cart and cache operations.

Design with Users Front of Mind

Much of this project’s key aims centred around enhancing the user experience for The Folio Society’s customers.

Any site visitors can now take advantage of an integration with The Folio Society’s existing fulfilment system to deliver up-to-date, accurate stock and ordering information to customers, thus boosting the site’s usability.

Other enhancements include upgraded search and filter capabilities on the site, which will help optimise the user journey.

A sticky menu with various categories features on every site page, thus increasing ease of navigation for users. They can easily jump between parts of the site to browse and find what they’re looking for. This header also has an ‘add to basket’ feature, meaning users can add a product to their basket from any position on a product page.

Delivery has also been enhanced thanks to the website’s integration with a Magento Commerce Cloud extension which helps to manage shipping rates and options for ecommerce retailers. A news and blog section also provides a hub for The Folio Society to provide information and updates to site visitors.

A Global Reach

The Folio Society sells its books worldwide, direct to the consumer, using Magento’s store functionality.  There is now a full custom design for all stores – each of which is editable via Magento’s CMS module. Additionally, a GEO IP check will be used to point a customer to the correct store depending on their global geographical location.

Expanding Cloud

Williams Commerce has been delighted with the way this Magento Cloud project has progressed and with the beautiful, artistic website The Folio Society now has to engage with customers and promote the brand.

“The Folio Society now has a sleek, sophisticated website that reflects the identity of the brand and meets the expectations of existing and potential customers,” said Laura Otten, Senior Project Manager at Williams Commerce. “Our team at Williams Commerce has prioritised the user experience, delivering a website we believe will allow The Folio Society to flourish moving forwards.”

“Magento Commerce Cloud is the perfect platform for Folio to achieve their global growth ambitions and truly helps bring their business up to date with the latest retail ecommerce technology ,” said Rob Williams, CEO of Williams Commerce. “Equally, delivering a website for The Folio Society that will make it easy for more people to enjoy their beautiful books moving forward is really rewarding.”