In today’s fast-moving world, as a retailer in the fashion sector, there’s a pressing need to move with the times and make your presence felt in the digital space.

Why? Because online shopping is a big deal in the fashion industry.

Statistics from Rakuten found that many shoppers prefer to shop online when looking for fashion items because:

  • There is more choice
  • There is a higher chance of finding a bargain
  • There are lower prices online
  • It’s easier to find desired products
  • There is a chance to read reviews of products before purchasing.

Ultimately, online shopping makes it easier for shoppers to get what they want. As a fashion retailer, if your online platform isn’t delivering it’s time to look for something new.

Magento 2 is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms globally thanks to the functionality and flexibility available. But how does this tie into what your fashion brand needs? We’ve picked out some key benefits.

Superb Mobile and PWAs

People want to shop in the most convenient way for them. If they’re scrolling through social media and see an item of clothing or an accessory they want, they won’t necessarily be willing to up sticks and head for their nearest physical store.

If they see an advert for an item they like on the television, most people will have their smartphone to hand and will instinctually use it to search for their next buy.

Magento 2 offers responsive designs and custom themes for online stores, helping retailers deliver an exceptional mobile experience and increase the chances of boosting sales. This means that however, visitors access your site, you can deliver an engaging experience via Magento 2.

Additionally, Magento 2 offers PWA Studio, which allows merchants to easily build progressive web apps. These offer an app-like experience for mobile users, with enhancements to SEO, conversion rates and page performance all possible.

Find out more about Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages

Personalised Shopping

Magento 2 presents the opportunity for retailers to segment their customer base and deliver a truly personalised offering.

This means incentives can be provided to identified customers to help increase sales. This identification can be done based on factors including demographics, location and previous shopping behaviours.

Multi Source Inventory

Magento 2 offers multi-source inventory, helping fashion merchants manage inventory across a multitude of locations and thereby increase the efficiency of their operations.

Merchants can assign products to warehouses, distribution centres, third-party drop shippers or physical retail stores. Inventory can be better tracked across various sources, and it’s easier to control which inventory sources are used to fulfil orders.

Merchants can also integrate with third-party inventory systems.

Enhanced Shipping, Schema and Security

Recent Magento 2 updates include advanced support for shipping, including fulfilment options, as well as declarative schema. This allows developers to identify and declare the final desired state of a database before the system adjusts to it automatically.

Magento 2 can also keep your online fashion store secure thanks to tools such as Google ReCAPTCHA and two-factor authentication.

Magento 2 and Fashion retailers – The Perfect Match

Delivering the highest levels of experience for customers while enhancing internal processes is the promise of Magento 2 for today’s fashion ecommerce retailers. There’s no time like the present to move your brand forwards with an online offering befitting your brand.


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