Our friends at Yotpo, the company behind a specialist user-generated content marketing platform that offers advanced solutions across a range of areas, have made a series of exciting announcements.

A Williams Commerce partner, Yotpo delivers solutions that support customer reviews, visual marketing, customer loyalty and referrals for retailers. These can all be used to enhance ecommerce websites and deliver a better shopping experience online.

We offer Yotpo integration for our customers’ websites across platforms including Magento, wooCommerce, Shopify and Cloudfy.

Yotpo has recently completed the acquisition of Swell, a loyalty and rewards platform. This platform is used to support customer acquisition and retention, with Swell reporting a typical return on investment of between 5 and 9 times for those who use it.

Yotpo has also recently become a Magento Premier Partner, which will help offer deep integration for both Yotpo and Swell products with the Magento platform.

Additionally, Yotpo has invested heavily in artificial intelligence, and has been developing an AI engine across the platform. The majority of this engine’s features are now available for implementation, and can be taken advantage of by Yotpo premium clients for no additional charge.

“Our clients love Yotpo!” says Keri Williams, Marketing Director at Williams Commerce. “User generated content (UGC) is becoming increasingly important. The additions of Swell and recent announcement of Yotpo becoming a Magento premier partner further consolidates their position as a very attractive option for retailers to cover reviews, UGC, loyalty and rewards.”