The Williams Commerce Marketing team have been undertaking marketing activities for our wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and distributors for several years now and we’ve kept pace with the changing face of B2B Marketing to keep our clients at the forefront of new techniques in Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation.

The facts we’ve rounded up from Google, certainly correlate to our experience in the field, so to speak.

There’s a number of interesting shifts afoot and it’s not just in how trade customers are making buying decisions, but also in who actually are responsible for taking these decisions.

General observations include the fact B2B audience is now younger and certainly online. This is certainly in line with our experience. We’ve worked with many traditional manufacturers and wholesalers who continue to rely on more traditional networks of sales agents, sales reps and telesales who work to effectively serve those trade customers who respond better to face to face or phone sales calls. However, the addition of a B2B online ordering portal is not only making convenient online ordering available 24/7, but is opening opportunities for a younger buying audience who are very happy to order independently and create bulk orders via mobile or desktop.

We read with interest the research from Millward Brown Digital and Google, who surveyed 2,000 B2B researchers about their research and purchase habits including their use of digital (for search, mobile and video) and the results might take you by surprise.

  1. Things have changed with the B2B researcher dynamic. Nearly half of all B2B researchers are millennials (18 to 34 year olds, born around 1980 and brought up with the internet)
  1. It’s a mistake to only target senior level executives. There’s more influencers now around the B2B research process so it’s a good idea to widen your net when it comes to the demographic of your target audience.
  1. B2B researchers start research with a generic search, so dial down or keep your branded search strategy in moderation. B2B researchers do 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site. We know this is especially important for our B2B clients we serve here at Williams Commerce, we’re tasked with genuine new acquisition of trade customers, and these new prospects search may be starting with a product or a category. Branded terms are not enough, given influence and decision making are happening earlier, a targeted non-brand strategy takes priority in many cases.
  1. B2Bs are most certainly using mobile! We are seeing much heavier usage and double digit year on year growth across our B2B clients trade customer base, who are increasing using mobile for browsing and buying and it’s not just when they are out and about. Mobile is being used to research products, compare prices, contact companies and browse the online catalogue. Rich mobile experiences have never been more important for B2B.

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