To meet increasing demand due to online purchasing, many businesses are looking for ways of streamlining fulfilment to keep pace and manage costs 

Magento is an ecommerce solution that’s popular around the world, with an estimated 270,000 users. Add the power of Microsoft Dynamics for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and businesses can rapidly overtake their competitors in the fulfilment race as well as improving customer satisfaction. 


Power at your fingertips

Integrating Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics can transform your business, whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, or retailer. 

Combining these powerful tools will allow you to make decisions quickly based on an accurate view of all your business finances, sales, services, and operations. It’s certainly an option you will want to consider when you’re looking for a way to streamline your fulfilment processes and improve customer journeys. 


Magento is integration friendly

Magento is designed to be integration friendly for a range of modern ERP systems, allowing you to optimize your ecommerce platform and business processes at the same time.

These features include: 

Modern APIs – Magento’s application programming interfaces (APIs) are well-documented and there’s new support for GraphQL, so it is compatible with a wide variety of ERP systems. 

Flexible data model – Magento data is structured for easy input and output and can be customized to meet your operational and integration needs. 

Global support – there are Magento partners and systems integrators around the world with experience of Magento and Microsoft Dynamics integration. There is also a range of pre-configured connectors to provide a tried and tested starting point for your integration. 


The benefits of Magento and Microsoft Dynamics integration

Operational benefits include improved capacity management, reduced costs, fewer losses due to manual data entry errors, improved product information and inventory management.  

You can make it easier for customers to pay when you can immediately access credit limits and pending invoices in Microsoft Dynamics. You can manage your accounts receivable with online payments instead of more traditional offline channels. 

Buying online to pick up in store (BOPIS) or at your warehouse is an increasingly popular optionWhen your ecommerce platform can access inventory data and fulfilment logic in Microsoft Dynamics, you can give your customers flexible options for pickup and delivery. 

When you have a single view of your inventory, product descriptions and specifications, pricing, and order tracking across your business you can put rules in place to make processes more efficient and effective. You can automate cross-platform workflows to speed up all of your business processes from initial customer enquiries to deliveries and returns. They will clarify where data needs to gowhen, and how actions are triggered 

Through integration you can be sure that everyone involved in fulfilment from your finance and marketing teams to your customers, suppliers, logistics and distribution companies can all access information relevant to them from the same source to improve efficiency. 


Managing ecommerce fulfilment

You can automate and secure your fulfilment processes with Magento and Microsoft Dynamics to support your business growth. You can use pre-built checks to predict when and what you need to restock. Sales forecasts will highlight fast-moving products so that you can restock in good timePurchase orders can even be created in advance to speed up the process. 

Inventoryproduct data, and pricing on your site will always be up to date so you can reduce the risk of errors and orders for out-of-stock itemsYour customers will be able to see accurate ordershipping and delivery information. 

Security is always a priority and your customers personal details can be stored and freely shared internally and remain protected from unauthorized access. You can create engaging, seamless and personalized experiences and your customers can securely access all their transactions in one place. 

You can also significantly reduce the number of where is my order or (WISMO) calls to free your customer service team to deliver more value-added support. 


Making fulfilment easier

Your Magento and Microsoft Dynamics integration can make it much easier to meet your customers’ fulfilment expectations by streamlining processes to allow: 

  • shipping from stores to online customers 
  • pooling inventory from multiple stores for efficient fulfilment 
  • gift cards that can be used across channels 
  • loyalty programs that reward cross-channel shopping 
  • in-store returns for online buyers 
  • store locator and selector options that allow customers to browse local store inventory online 
  • multiple branded marketing assets to be tailored and managed for multiple channels from one administrative interface. 


The impact of integration

Around 30% of data loss can be traced back to human errors. Resolving the problems this can cause can prevent your team from focussing on more value-added services. With an integrated approach your customers can place their order directly on your ecommerce site and this information can be accurately processed by your business systems without further input. 

If you hold product details in multiple systems it can be time-consuming to update everything and to be confident that it is all consistent and error-free. When your most up-to-date product information is in Microsoft Dynamics it will automatically appear in Magento, so you can launch new products more quickly with confidence that all the details are accurate. 

Williams Commerce has a team of fully-certified Magento developers and we are a Microsoft Dynamics partner. Our solutions are specifically designed to meet your ecommerce needs.  

Speak with one of our experts if you would like to find out more about how to streamline fulfilment with Magento and Microsoft Dynamics.