In today’s world of digital marketing, companies must look to survive the various transitions and changes that are taking place in order to thrive.

In a recent blog for, Jono Alderson, an SEO expert at Yoast BV, said that ‘new technologies, changes in consumer behaviour, and the rise of intelligent personal assistants will make-or-break brands, organisations, and marketers.’

Technology is evolving at such a rate today that expecting the status quo to remain as such is not wise. New technologies are always emerging, and consumer expectations and desires are constantly developing.

Alderson’s blog suggests that traditional digital marketing as we understand it might be ‘dead’. We’re not so sure that’s the case, but it does seem that the goalposts are being shifted. How well marketers move with the times and whether they make a positive transition will determine their success in this space.

What’s for certain is that standing still is not the right idea. And one thing Alderson mentions quite pointedly is the need re-evaluate where your brand is appearing and being promoted.

That might no longer be solely the traditional channels like your company website. Increasing your visibility in search results for example can help you make huge strides. It’s all about getting your name in the right place and in front of the right people.

Also, delivering an exceptional level of service and a great user experience once a customer is on your page is equally important. In a retail ecommerce world, the frequency with which you convert website visitors to customers is the difference between success and failure.

Forming a Digital Marketing Strategy

One thing companies should look to do is form a solid digital marketing strategy. This will create a clear path for your company to follow and help highlight what you’re doing well, and areas that could be improved.

Get Yourself Seen

In today’s digital world, brand visibility is an absolute must. You don’t want to offer the best product on the market but not make many online sales because your website is hidden away beneath reams of other content and material.

Optimising your website for search is one of the most effective things you can do as an ecommerce retailer. A technical SEO audit is an excellent way to identify how and where your SEO can be improved, and allow changes to be made accordingly.

Another way to improve your search visibility is via a PPC campaign around targeted keywords and terms. This can bring your brand to the attention of more people online and give you an extra level of exposure in the right places.

Converting into Customers

Once somebody reaches your site, the challenge then becomes converting them from a visitor to a customer. There are multiple points along the customer journey that can make or break whether you earn revenue from a visitor, so having a look at the best ways to boost your conversion rate optimisation can help pinpoint and remove problems and give visitors the best chance of making that conversion.

Deliver the Best Experience

One way to increase your chances of conversion is by delivering an excellent user experience on your site. High-level ecommerce website design, easy navigation and a strong brand identity all play to your advantage, so don’t make simple mistakes and lose potential customers. Getting your design, UX and brand design right is important if you are to thrive in today’s digital ecommerce world.

Consider All Options

Each company differs in subtle ways, as does each customer demographic. There may be specific ways to boost your business by utilising practices such as email marketing, content marketing, social media and digital PR to help enhance your brand and start to move your business forward.

How Do I Do This?

Finding the right approach for your business is not always immediately obvious. That’s why taking an overarching viewpoint of your online presence can reap rewards.

Identifying pain points and inefficiencies can help you thrive, move forwards and adapt in line with today’s ever-changing digital marketing world.

Additionally, finding the right ecommerce platform for your needs can help you stay one step ahead. Magento Commerce is a great option, though you may feel Shopware, Shopify Plus or Cloudfy are more suited to your needs.

Digital marketing isn’t dead yet, and though change is coming, what’s perhaps most important is you’re not left behind right now.

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