Cloud & DevOps

Modern hosting and software delivery can be complex. From ecommerce platforms, ERP systems, integration layers and custom applications, our Cloud & DevOps team build robust software and hosting solutions. We’ll identify the right solution for your requirements across a wide range of Cloud and DevOps solutions.

Our Partners

Your Cloud Requirements

Performance Optimization

Whether you have an ecommerce platform which needs to deliver a better experience for your customers, or an internal application struggling to meet the performance requirements of your users we can identify the route cause and deliver improved performance through a combination of Cloud hosting and code optimisation.

Legacy Application Modernisation

Move your aging applications to the cloud to improve reliability, reduce business risk, maintenance, and downtime. Through a combination of Cloud migration, DevOps and Software development we can provide application modernisation solutions.

Infrastructure Consolidation

Consolidate physical infrastructure onto fewer modern Cloud instances. Reduce the cost to maintain and operate your business through a Cloud solution.

Data Management

Integrate machine learning with innovative solutions for your data management. Remove single points of failure, take advantage of the prebuilt Cloud data solutions from our partners.


Integrate systems through resilient cloud environments. Get the right data, at the right place in the right time through our cloud integration solutions.

Cloud & DevOps Case Studies

The Gill business all started in 1975, when a dinghy sailor, Nick Gill, frustrated by a lack of specialist sailing equipment. To address this, he decided to design and manufacture his own sailing clothing.

Macfarlane Packaging, the UK’s largest distributor of protective packaging, has expanded its online service by launching Macfarlane Packaging Online. A new digital era for a brand new online business

Williams Commerce has worked with long standing global customer BMW to provide a number of specialised software solutions are part of their overall service delivery and management business.