Williams Commerce has recently welcomed aboard Seedsman, the leading online specialist in cannabis seeds and cannabis related goods including storage products, clothing and books, considered one of the most trustworthy and reliable online seedbanks in the world.

Williams Commerce will develop Seedsman’s latest iteration of their ecommerce store on BigCommerce Enterprise, which will also involve integration across 6 business systems including Seedsman’s ERP, CRM, PIM, Business Automation PlatformAftership and Loyalty scheme, all connected together using the latest cutting edge integrations connector, Interaxxions.

Created by Williams Commerce, Interaxxions is an iPaaS middleware solution integrating multiple API based data sources to consolidate data for ecommerce. 

A key part of the new project will involve the full data migration for 8 currencies and across 6 languages and tens of thousands of products from Magento to BigCommerce.  Our approach during the discovery phase will also involve investigating the potential to incorporate elements of headless commerce. 

Tom Raikes from Seedsman says, “We were over the moon when we received back William’s Commerce’s proposal.  They had completely understood that we weren’t just after a new website but a whole new way of working with a well thought out, and well-planned digital architecture piece in the centre.  Ecommerce relies on integrations and we can’t wait to see how our middleware performs, alongside a sharp, fast new website.  We believe it will give us the strong base for rapid international growth”. 

This move to BigCommerce presents a significant opportunity for Seedsman to extend and upgrade a number of key functions deemed a priority for their website visitors, including a much-improved search facility, advanced integration with the leading reviews platform; Trust Pilot, improving the online chat facility, utilising third party software Yotpo and upgrading and extending options for payment including Bitcoin. 

BigCommerce continue to have strong appeal for online retailers like Seedsman.  It hits the sweet spot for rich functionality, flexibility and affordability.” Says Laura Otten, lead ecommerce consultant at Williams Commerce. Seedsman can run and scale their business using an incredibly rich suite of features and functionality, 99% of which is built into the core BigCommerce platform. BigCommerce offers an extremely agile environment that can flex to meet the business requirements for this project and their upcoming growth acceleration.”