New news coming from Magento….Magento Social has been recently announced and it’s making it easy for online merchants to sync and update their product catalogues to create an integrated Facebook shop in reportedly minutes!

Online retailers are also able to create and optimise ads too.

Magento Social is available for free on the Magento marketplace and is specifically available on the most recent version Magento 2 across Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Cloud Edition and Community.

With online retailers keen more than ever before to find new incremental ways to drive traffic to their store and increase their revenue online, the introduction of Magento Social looks like an excellent opportunity to optimise your social channels to drive customer acquisition.

Build your brand online

57% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow.

With businesses keen to build their brands on as many possible channels to ensure their product is as visible as possible for potential buyers,  the addition of a social commerce strategy should help to build your brand online by helping convert followers into customers and your customers into loyal, life-long shoppers.

With social channels growing ever stronger, consumers are engaging with brands and buying products within social media.  Magento Social will create an opportunity for businesses to turn their social profiles into digital storefronts.

Magento says that online retailers can launch a storefront on their social network channels within just a few clicks. The seamless integration will automatically keep product listings on your social profiles consistent with your Magento product category, a great time saver all round.

When a potential customer visits your business page on Facebook, they can click the SHOP tab to view your entire product catalogue and clicking on a product will redirect your shopper to the same product in your Magento store.

Publishing Adverts on Social is Easy

Advertising products on Facebook sounds as easy as pie.  Clicking ‘promote’ on the product you want to advertise, adjust the audience and reach, set the budget and click the ‘Create Ad’ button.

Creating compelling and optimised messaging and advertisements for your social channels from within Magento can be done in real time.  You will also be able to automatically popular ads with product descriptions and images.  Utilising embedded precision targeting tools from Magento Social will enable you to identify you audience hopefully leading to better results.

“Let the Magento Social machine learning do all the work and allocate ad spending towards your best performing products and categories.”

If you’d like to understand more about showcasing your Magento store on the world’s biggest social network and driving more traffic to your website, give Magento Enterprise Partner Williams Commerce a call today on 0116 326 1116 or email the team at [email protected]