Last month, Magento announced their collaboration with Google to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) which will be introduced to the Magento Commerce community next year.

This marks the next step towards a mobile-first ecommerce world that the industry has been heading towards in the past few years, with mobile starting to overtake desktop in certain aspects as early as 2015.

We’ve recently discussed whether it’s worth building a mobile app for your online business, or if you should opt for a responsive mobile website. The new Magento PWAs offer the promise of the best of both worlds, combining features of traditional mobile applications and websites to create a new, mobile-optimised shopping experience which should translate into higher ecommerce conversion rates.

This new mobile ecommerce solution also means that retailers who’ve had to invest in both a website and a mobile app will be able to reduce some of their costs by choosing a PWA instead, whilst keeping ahead of their competition.

At Williams Commerce, as a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner and Google Premier Partner, we’re excited to learn more about the new PWAs and help our customers transition to a new era of mobile ecommerce.

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