This year you will need to be ready to streamline and scale your business, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) accelerator packages are good places to look for inspiration.


Whether you are expecting your ecommerce business to grow or feel pressure from giants like Amazon, you will need to make sure you can offer the best possible customer experience to remain competitive in 2021.

It’s time for a root and branch review of your ecommerce offer, from your aging enterprise resource planning (ERP) to your customer relationship management (CRM) systems and across your supply chain.

The power of industry accelerators

Modern ecommerce organizations need to manage data from all departments to create value. To produce useful, actionable insights you need the right tools to explore more than the traditional sources of operational, financial, sales, and marketing information.

The shared language of Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) provides consistency of both data and meaning for business processes and analytical applications.

With accurate and comparable business data across your systems and processes you will find it much easier to create value from your data.

Recognizing that many business sectors are looking for tailored solutions, Microsoft has created a number of industry-specific accelerators in its Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

These accelerators allow independent software vendors and solution providers to respond quickly to industry needs. The unified data layer saves time and resources that you might otherwise spend creating your own data layer or integrating different systems.

Drive your business with data

Near real time information across all online and offline sales and marketing initiatives, and observational resources like device telemetry and customer sentiment analysis are becoming essential in a digital world

Many organizations hold their information in silos across their on-premises databases and cloud services. Using this resource coherently to improve services and extract meaningful insights can seem like an impossible task.

Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerators can help to solve this data challenge. They are designed to support common, existing business needs to deliver new insights and more personalized customer engagements.

Dynamics 365 BC Industry Accelerators

There are currently seven accelerator packages available:

Automotive – providing consistent, centralized data for automotive organizations, this accelerator is designed to allow you to create high-quality customer experiences that will differentiate you in the marketplace. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mobility providers, dealer groups, and importers can use it to cost-effectively enter the market.

It will allow you to merge data about deals, sales, specifications, fleet requirements, warranties, inspections, test drives, branding, customer-vehicle relationships, associated equipment, leads, servicing and after-sales management.

Banking and financial services – this accelerator provides shared and consistent definitions for common banking and financial industry data such as loans, mortgages, referrals, branch details, collateral, deals, limits, and facilities. You can work with development partners to build solutions based on the same data model across open banking and the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN).

Creating better customer experiences will be one of the essential tools to drive customer acquisition, loyalty, and long-lasting relationships in the future.

Higher education – simplifying access to data about students, faculties, educational records, test scores, courses, and areas of interest supports solutions that will optimize engagement, improve effectiveness, and help to predict outcomes. 

Once installed into Dynamics 365 BC, PowerApps and Power BI visualizations can be created quickly and there are software developer kit (SDK) extensions available.

Not-for-profit organizations – for many not-for-profit organizations it can be difficult to adapt solutions designed for the commercial world. This accelerator helps to reduce the costs and boost efficiency through analytics, interoperability, best practices, and fast development of turnkey solutions. It includes extensions to manage constituents, raise funds, apply for grants and awards, and to track impact.

Healthcare – clinical care and outcomes can be improved through system interoperability. Electronic health record (EHR) data can be combined with a suite of systems and applications to streamline management and improve your understanding of patient experiences.

Manufacturing – intelligent supplier relationship management and onboarding is supported, allowing you to quickly digitize your processes. It includes application programming interface (API) onboarding and data exchange and streamlined management and approval of requests and tracking.

Media and entertainment - event and venue management, and sports management are all facing major challenges in 2021. This accelerator provides pre-built solutions to support ticketing and advertising sales, media sponsorships, and interactions such as registrations and loyalty programs. It includes fields, forms, views, and dashboards and integrates with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Building on best practice

Whether you want to enhance your retail (B2C) or business to business (B2B) performance, harnessing the full power of Dynamics 365 BC requires experience and expertise.

Williams Commerce has created hundreds of ecommerce websites across wide-ranging sectors, specifying, designing and developing best practice, responsive ecommerce websites and pre-configured ecommerce solutions.

We can streamline and speed up your site implementation using Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC accelerator packages along with our own pre-built solutions. We can use our extensive knowledge of delivering tailored, enhanced ecommerce features to create complete enterprise-level ecommerce solutions at a lower cost.

Choose a trusted partner

As the only ecommerce focused Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in the UK, our unique expertise as an ecommerce platform system integrator gives us perspective across your entire business.

Our ecommerce specialists have skills in digital marketing and user experience as well as ecommerce platform implementation, integration and ERP for ecommerce.

Find out more about how we can help you realize the full ecommerce potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accelerator packages for your ecommerce business.