Magento, who were recently named a B2B leader by Forrester, continue their focus on helping B2B companies grow online by launching an exciting new B2B resource hub.

So, what can businesses expect to find there?

A comprehensive online resource library

Designed as an online destination filled with a variety of resources, Magento’s new B2B resource hub will offer trade businesses everything from industry insights to strategies and expert advice.

Find out why Magento is a fast, flexible and great value solution for mid-sized B2B ecommerce companies.

Users will be able to download a series of ebooks and other online resources around key topics such as:

  • The B2B ecommerce landscape
  • The customer buying experience
  • Driving growth
  • Industry benchmarks
  • And more

Whether you’re already a Magento client looking to keep up with the latest B2B ecommerce trends and gain a competitive edge, or you’re looking for a new B2B solution, this resource hub can provide you with helpful information to keep your online business moving forward.

To learn more about Magento B2B and find out if it’s the right ecommerce solution for you, get in touch with our team of Magento-certified experts.