September the 7th saw the launch of another exciting venture by Magento; Innovations Lab.

What is Innovations Lab?  A portal to showcase early stage, experimental implementations of emerging technologies on the Magento ecommerce platform.

The aim is to engage the wider Magento community to showcase the work they are doing to introduce improved shopping experiences for ecommerce retailers and drive top-line revenue growth via enhancements for the front-end customer experience, such as chat bots and AI for example.

The Magento Innovations lab hopes to shine a light on community members who are pushing the boundaries, opening new possibilities and redefining the current reality.  Selected innovators will receive recognition and accolades online from the Magento ecosystem and at Magento Imagine 2018.

So, what is the criteria for what qualifies?

  • Must be Magento 2.
  • Front End – customer and shopper focused implementations
  • Exist in a live demo
  • Exclusive to Magento
  • Can be retailer specific examples

There are a full set of rules which can be accessed.  Magento Innovations Lab Official Rules

Magento have a submission window open from Thursday September 7th until Friday 20th October 2017.  Entries can be submitted here.

With exciting innovations happening across the Magento ecosystem every day, the Magento Innovations Lab is a great opportunity for community members to contribute exciting new ideas to further enhance the online shopping experience on Magento.