Magento Commerce Order Management (MCOM) is the next generation of order management for the Magento platform.

If your growing business has multiple sales channels and multiple stock sources then you could achieve improved understanding and control of your orders and inventory with the Magento Commerce Order Management tool.

One size doesn’t fit all, and some businesses might still need bespoke management solutions. But, if you are finding that growth in your orders is putting a strain on your capacity to pick, pack, ship, price and maintain the right levels of stock, MCOS is a powerful new option to consider.

Robert Williams, CEO of Williams Commerce, says: “This is a great new addition to Magento. Using the integrated automation available with MCOS many of our customers will find that it is the perfect tool to synchronise stock levels and order fulfillment across multiple channels seamlessly.”

With MCOS you can improve:

Customer experience by simplifying, streamlining and coordinating multi-channel fulfillment
Inventory management by providing a single overview to enhance order routing
Implementation with flexible modular and integrated options
Business intelligence with analytics and reports.
Your stores, suppliers and partners could all become mini distribution centres with cloud-based multichannel fulfillment. For example, by making stocks in your stores available to your to online shoppers you could generate more sales with flexible fulfillment options such as ship-from-store, ship-to-store and buy-online-pick-up in-store.

With Magento Commerce Order Management you can benefit from a clear view of demand across web, mobile and store networks. You will have customer service and marketplace data at your fingertips. You will also keep right up to date with information about fulfillment, stores and dropship networks.

If you would like to find out more about how MCOS could take some of the strain out of your growing business talk to an expert today.

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