There’s a significant event on the near horizon and it is the highly anticipated roll-out of the next generation ecommerce platform titled ‘Magento 2’, designed to give developers more powerful tools and many new features and benefits to continue driving online growth for ecommerce merchants.

With Magento’s vision to create a new, unmatched platform that delivers on Innovation, agility and scalability, it will be no surprise that the new version will offer significant improvements over Magento 1.0.

With Magento 2 planned to be rolled out towards the end of 2015, we’ve captured some of the key benefits expected from Magento 2.

Some of the benefits expected for Magento merchants include;

– A simplified and more intuitive checkout focused on achieving higher conversion rates
– Redesigned, touch friendly Admin User Interface to improve productivity.
– Improved accuracy from search results.
– Improved product security

The development community is anticipating great new benefits including;

-Faster installations for upgrades
-Better front end theming for bespoke design.
-Extension conflict resolution with advanced tools for conflict identification before installation.
-More modular architecture making it easier to add extensions and customise code.
-Automated testing frameworks that aim to speed up development and improve code quality.

Fortunately Magento is committed to helping smooth merchants transition efficiently to the new Magento 2 platform, providing support, making training and documentation available for the Magento partners.

The new Connect Market place is going to make extensions easier to find, purchase, download and install. Watch the video of the Magento Connect Marketplace.

Robert Williams, MD for Silver Solutions Magento Partner Williams Commerce says; “Magento 2 offers both Magento and their customers the opportunity to take ecommerce to the next level. Over the years Magento has evolved into a platform chosen for 43% of all new ecommerce sites. It is now more than ready for an overhaul to embrace new technology and continue to maintain its lead in the industry. We’re incredibly excited and our team are well underway with their retraining on Magento 2″.

Williams Commerce will be keeping their customers up to date with new news regarding the Magento 2 roll-out over the coming weeks.

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