We’re often asked by our prospective clients the differences between Magento’s Enterprise and Community versions.

We’ve created this handy article outlining the key features offered by Magento Enterprise, for those businesses considering Magento and looking for clarity on what the licensed version of Enterprise offers over Community.

Whilst there’s no doubt Magento’s Community edition is packed full of native functionality to get you trading successfully online, Magento Enterprise offers an amazing suite of enhanced capabilities and support to help businesses truly accelerate growth online.

Enhanced Capabilities and Support

New diagnostic tools to provide deeper analysis of installed extensions, checks for key database tables and modified core files.

Dynamic Marketing, Merchandising and Search

  • Advanced content staging and preview functionality to drive user experience and marketing campaigns.
  • Custom registration process with customer attributes.
  • Customer segmentation and targeted personalised experience.
  • Personalised marketing and content strategies with targeted promotions and banners by segment.
  • Drag and drop, rule based product merchandising.
  • Rules based related product upsells and cross-sells.
  • Custom catalogues by customer groups.
  • Scheduled data imports and exports.
  • Powerful search functionality using elastic search for both in-site and admin search.
  • Automated reminder emails for abandoned shopping carts and wish lists.

Content Staging

Create, edit and delete updates to:

  • Products – prices, page designs, descriptions, images and more.
  • Categories – menu and display options, which categories are enabled.
  • CMS Content – page content and layouts.
  • Promotions – catalogue and shopping basket price rules.

Group individual updates into campaign for easier management.

Schedule an unlimited number of updates.

Customer Segmentation

  • Customise the customer registrations process to collect actionable customer information.
  • Automatically segment customers using customisable business logic.

Rule Based Product Relations

  • Use business rules to define which related products, up-sells and cross-sells should be shown to which segment of customers.
  • Easily affect your entire website with a single rule –without the need of a developer.

Targeted Content

  • Use banners to show targeted content to segments to personalize the customer journey.
  • The Banner Rotator widget allows business users to place segment-specific content on virtually any page in a site.

Visual Merchandizing

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows business users to easily control product positioning in categories.
  • Choose from a wide variety of automated sorting options to determine product position.
  • Automatically move products into the right category using “smart” categories that constantly listen and respond to user-defined product criteria.

Custom Catalogues by Customer Group

  • Business users can create custom catalogues per customer group, allowing different experiences for unique groups.
  • Create specific sales for registered vs. guest customers or B2C vs. B2B.

Scheduled Data Import/Export

  • Business users can easily schedule imports and exports of catalogue and customer data at a frequency of their choosing.
  • Easily drop product files for shopping feeds or integrations with back-end systems.


  • Built to scale both horizontally and vertically.
  • Supports 33 languages out of the box.
  • Supports synonyms and stop words.
  • Features smart indexing which ensures that indexing data does not impact customers.
  • The connection with Magento is truly plug-and-play with minimal setup.

Automated Abandoned Cart Emails

  • Increase conversion and reduce abandonment using logic-driven abandoned cart emails.
  • Send targeted promotion codes to encourage repeat purchases.

Advanced Content Management

  • Flexible Designs and Layouts
  • Drag-and-drop Content
  • Unique Content Types
  • In-Context Content Rendering
  • Content Templates

Flexible Designs and Layouts

  • Use rows and columns to design any Content Block or Page.
  • Column widths are flexible, and business users can easily drag to resize them to any one of 8 denominations.
  • Using Magento’s widgets, virtually any page can be completely controlled and designed by business users across the entire customer experience.

Drag-and-drop Content

  • Easily drag content into rows and columns.
  • Swap content positions with a single drag or click.
  • Content remains fully responsive even after being resized when used with Magento 2’s reference theme, Luma, or another responsive theme.

Unique Content Types

Choose from the following content types:

  • Buttons
  • Headings
  • HTML
  • Text areas
  • Images
  • Drivers
  • Video
  • Sliders
  • Products and product lists
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • and more!

In-Context Content Rendering

  • Any content inserted into blocks and pages is rendered live directly in the editing space
  • Business users have a clear, real-time view of what they’re creating and how it will appear on the site

Content Templates

  • Any content created by business users can be saved into re-usable templates
  • Business users can re-create common content, or create new content based on existing designs and layouts in seconds

Increased Customer Loyalty

  • Rewards program multiple redemption criteria
  • Virtual and Physical gift card products and store credit
  • Private Sales with ”Invite-a-Friend”
  • Gift Registries and Multiple Wish lists
  • Enhanced Gift Options


  • Use customer behaviour to offer reward points to customers which can be redeemed for purchase
  • Offer reward points as part of promotions and couple them with customer segmentation to create an effective rewards program

Gift Cards

  • Customers can purchase physical and/or virtual gift cards on behalf of others
  • Business users can specify custom or open amounts as well as minimum and maximum ranges
  • Integrate with physical gift card providers via Magento’s API

Private Sales with Site Invitations

  • Customers can invite their friends to Private Sales and then receive reward points for each converted registration or purchase

Multiple Wish lists and Gift Registry

  • Offer customers the ability to organize products into wish lists for different events and holidays and share them with friends
  • Customers can save products for a later purchase and add all of a list’s products directly to the cart
  • Customers can create gift registries to encourage friends and family to purchase gifts on their behalf for weddings, baby showers, or any other event

Enhanced Gift Options

  • Allow customers to purchase gift wrapping patterns customizable by business users per item or per order
  • Customers can also send gift messages per item or per order

Extensive Management Tools

  • More granular permissions with user roles per website and admin actions logging
  • Customer-assisted returns with RMA
  • Limited Indemnification From Patent or Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

Permissions and Admin Actions Logging

  • More granular permissions with user roles per website
  • Website administrators have the ability to view an admin actions log to keep track of which users executed specific actions in the admin


  • Allow customers to initiate their own return process from their “My Account” area
  • Business users have complete control over the entire return process and can configure everything from reasons for return to acceptable resolution options

Like what you’ve read? If you’re interested in getting a proposal for Magento 2 Enterprise, give the Williams Commerce team a call, we’re Enterprise (Gold) partners with Magento and our work across dozens of industries and B2B and Retail businesses can offer you real depth of insight and experience.